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The Dark Truth of the Eeliistii

by Christopher Cherrington

Eeliistii in ancient times was an intelligent octopi race. They have always been asexual, and always have need of a host to lay their single young. Cannibalistic by nature, they preyed on other non-intelligent octopi for their hosts. To this day, their favourite food is still other octopi. In legend, a single Eeliistii contracted a host to a merman, and when the young erupted from his host 16 months later, the first modern Eeliistii was born. They like to imitate the female species of their hosts and so rumour is they lure handsome men to their deaths. Truth is, in female form, men are easier to lure. They can actually imitate any humanoid torso, male or female. They prefer magic users for hosts, as they can "remember" the host's spells when they reach the appropriate level of casting. They can also share these spells with other Eeliistii by way of the Katonate script; although this would take the same amount of time as a real mage scribing the spell on paper. There are no priests or clerics in their ranks, but some can imitate their spells because their host was a cleric or priest. These spells cannot be passed on like magic user spells can, and none can be higher than 4th level. Eeliistii can be lawful, and will befriend other races and make true alliances with them; but they fully know that they have an unsettling lifecycle. The lawful Eeliistii could be considered the most dangerous, as they tend to think of picking their best friend as a host is the greatest sign of affection they can bestow to a non-Eeliistii. Chaotic Eeliistii view this as the best way to enhance the next generation, and are cannibalistic; it is much easier to eat another Eeliistii to learn it's spells than to scribe them. Although eating non-Eeliistii does not confer the same benefit, which is why Eeliistii say their memory is in the flesh. Eeliistii can survive on the surface, and can breathe air. Although, the sun dries their skin and makes it uncomfortable, losing 1hp per 10 minutes in direct sunlight; only sunlight s this effect, and they can last indefinitely in the shade or out of direct sunlight. Hosts gain a few advantages while alive. Their strength and constitution increase by 4; thus increasing the host's ability to protect itself and its carrier. The host is fully functional for the first year and appears to be normal except for one peculiar behaviour. The host tries to learn as much as it can about everything around him. Spell casting hosts in particular become obsessive in learning spells. For the last 4 months of their life, they start to physically change. Their skin will start to look transparent and feel elastic. In direct sun, dryness occurs. The host will need to start making daily will checks to avoid spending several hours a day in the ocean. It is at this point the host will also start to make preparations for its carrier's birth. Saying goodbyes to loved ones, making preparations as if going on a long trip, daydreaming of being at the ocean, et. Once all affairs are settled, and the host is at the ocean, the birthing is almost instantaneous. The host actually will grow from his legs the tentacles and gills will form in his neck. It may take another 6 months for the new Eeliistii to perfect its shape changing and hiding abilities, so it will look like the host for this period of time. If the host is not at the ocean during this time, the host becomes obsessed and will stop at nothing to make it to the ocean. The host can survive for 6 weeks in this state, after 6 weeks, the birthing will happen and both the host and carrier will die. The new Eeliistii will know all the languages of the host, retain any spells that the host knew (although the Eeliistii will need to gain the appropriate level to cast them), and has a dim dreamlike memory of the last year of the host's life. Typically the Eeliistii will pick up the same skills, class, and alignment of the host. Some even will take on their host's name as their own. Priestly hosts cannot produce a priestly Eeliistii, instead the Eeliiii can choose another class progression, but gains the unique ability to cast any of the priestly spells prayed for by the host at the time of birth, again based on the Eeliistii's level and the spells are no higher than 4th level. Eeliistii don't have their own language, but they can communicate by touch. Some Eeliistii believe they must have taught this ability to early Katonates in order to teach them how to read, and thus invented the Katonate script. The Eeliistii are so good at this form of communication that they can communicate 10 minutes of normal conversation in a brief touch. They can even pass on studied or known mage spells, but this takes the same amount of time needed to perform as normal characters. Passing such knowledge or receiving this knowledge is usually considered mating, and one or both Eeliistii involved will need to find a host within a year of this coupling. The Eeliistii enjoy singing, and are naturally very good at it. They can imitate any sound heard as they are natural mimics. Their singing is very enchanting; treat each song as if casting a charm spell at the Eeliistii's level. Whenever 2 or more Eeliistii sing together, treat as a mass charm spell. Eeliistii can change spontaneously, either humanoid shape or colours and even become bioluminescent. They can blend into their natural surroundings, even mimicking the texture around them. Some Eeliistii like to "shimmer" or continuously change colour; even making spots, blotches, patterns of various colours. They tend to do this to warn others or when happy. Some Eeliistii use this as an art form and perform for others their skills. Other Eeliistii use this ability to cause fear in their prey, even mimicking death and or undead. They can produce an inky cloud 3 times a day, and anyone caught in this cloud must save vs. spells or fall asleep, as per the spell. Treat the cloud as a continual darkness, and the Eeliistii are immune to all its effects. The cloud will cover an area 30' diameter. This is generally how they inject their young in a host, but makes an effective escape as well.

Eeliimitisti The Devourer

Eeliimitisti is an ancient Eeliistii, and greatly feared by all Katonates and Eeliistii alike. Many legends and myths abound about Eeliimitisti, and many are very true. 900 years ago Eeliimitisti was sponsored for immortality by Tempikaaul. Realising his fate would be sealed as a subservient undead, he broke away from Tempikaaul and has been devouring many powerful candidates for immortality until one will sponsor him for true immortality. So far, many immortals have a strong dislike to this candidate as he has eaten many of theirs. This legend is widely known, and many believe this is why the Eeliistii cannot be priests. Eeliimitisti is larger than most Eeliistii, and has a 30 foot reach with his tentacles, rather than the normal 15 reach, though his torso is normal sized. His ink cloud can cover a 120' diameter, and is potent vs. other Eeliistii and others normally immune to sleep spells. He is a magic user and can cast a wide variety of priestly spells up to 4th level and wizardly spells up to 9th level. He is extremely sadistic and likes to torment his victims with fear before devouring them. Most prey he will stalk for months and discern their greatest fears through careful applications of ESP spells, and even utilises lore spells to learn more of his potential victim. His favourite attack is imitating a ghost story and haunts a victim and their family before devouring them and destroying their home. Eeliimitisti does not limit his range to the Katonates, and has recently returned from Hollow World Alphatia where he stalked a mage for 10 years before devouring her and her rival's families, and ended two lines of candidates for immortality along the path of Time.