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Epic Focus Special Moves

by tjedge1

Epic Focus Special Moves. One more after this one. These are some truly powerful moves.

Name: Psycho Crusher
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Athletics 3, Psychokinetic Channelling
Manoeuvre Cost: 7 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: -1
Damage Bonus: +5/One
Round Movement: +30'
Description: To date, the Master of Hule is the only individual alive who is known to possess this awesome power (although it is rumoured that he has one promising student who has learned it as well). When executed, the cleric is surrounded by crackling blue psychic energy as he hurdles through the air at his opponents. The Psycho Crusher actually allows the Master to fly, up, down or across the ground, changing direction rapidly during flight and always leaving a comet-like trail of blue energy.
System: The Psycho Crusher deals damage as the fighter moves into the same space as his opponent. While flying, the fighter may turn or even double back as much as he desires in order to ram as many opponents as possible with one use of the Psycho Crusher. However, no opponent can be hit by the Crusher more than once, even if the attacker reverses or loops around to enter his victim's space again. If the victim is not blocking, then he is consumed in the attacker's Psychic fire, taking full damage from the attack (use the +5 Damage modifier) and suffers knockdown as he is thrown into a space adjacent to the one where he was standing (the victim chooses which hex). If the opponent is blocking, then he is knocked back 5' from the direction the attacker flew at him, and he will take damage (a complete absorption on this damage roll brings the Psycho Crusher to an immediate end). The attacker can continue to push the blocking opponent back and do additional damage for every 5' left in his movement, up to a maximum of five attack rolls, after which the attacker continues moving past his opponent.

Name: Teleport Punch
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Punch 1, Yoga Teleport
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: +4
Damage Bonus: +0
Round Movement: See Below
Description: The fighter vanishes only to appear behind his opponent. And punching him in the back of the head.
System: This manoeuvre is combined with the basic punch. The attacker must be within enough movement to have attacked the opponent with the basic punch. The attacker disappears, and is placed right behind his foe. The punch is played during the same round the "vanishing" took place.

Name: Envelop
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Grab 2, Drench
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: +1/-1
Round Movement: -10'
Description: This power produces two fists similar to those produced by the Drench power. Both fists attempt to grapple the target and, if successful, will cover him completely. An Enveloped fighter will begin to drown. Most mystics will only sustain this hold until their target passes out. Truly evil fighters will sustain it longer.
System: The Envelop functions much like a Grab Manoeuvre. If two fighters are engaged in a Sustained Hold and are in the same space, then both will be affected. Each round the target must succeed in a Constitution test to see if he is stunned by lack of oxygen. The range of the Envelop extends a number of feet equal to 5 times the mystic's Focus level and requires an unobstructed line of sight. Envelop is a Sustained Hold and may be maintained a number of rounds equal to the mystic's Focus level. If the line of sight is broken by an obstacle or another fighter, the Envelop is dispelled. Unlike most Sustained Holds, the target may move and fight normally, except that all actions are penalised at -2.

Name: Flaming Fireball
Prerequisites: Heatwave, Improved Fireball
Manoeuvre Cost: 6 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -3
Damage Bonus: +5
Round Movement: None
Description: Whereas other fireballs are merely Chi blasts, the flaming fireball is a real, incendiary attack, which is more powerful than a normal fireball.
System: This works basically the same as a normal Fireball, except that it is highly incendiary in nature, and upon hitting, will inflict full damage to the target, and half damage to anything in a 5' radius. Like an Improved Fireball, it will score a knockdown on any opponents it hits.