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Inner Circle Gaz 2: Kingdom of Einikushagi

by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 26,580 sq km

Population: 142,600 (70% rakastas, 25% humans, 5% orcs)

Government Type: Monarchy. The King is advised by a Council, formed by 4 nobles ( 3 rakastas, 1 human), plus a representant chosen by the Corporation of Shimura. The Ondonti orcs of the Enclave of Kygwa elect a sixth member of the Council. However, the King is not bound to follow the advice of the Council, and is moreover leader of the Army, and head of the church.

Important Figures: King Murhan, VII Lord of Kushugi

Description: Einikushagi is a very rich kingdom at the centre of Nentsun's Inner Circle. It occupies a small area but is heavily populated due to its optimal climate. Nearly all its land is fields and villages, with only a couple of big cities. The land is settled mainly by rakastas, with a small minority of humans; nearly all of them live in the city of Shimura (pop. 30,000), a city with special status, ruled by the Corporation of the Arts. Anyone who wants to live and work in Shimura must be a member of the Corporation, who decides the hours of work for each job, the salaries, the vacations, and takes care of any activity of their members, being it recreation, religious activities, or medical services.
The rakastas live sparse in the land, raising cattle and cultivating wheat, corn, and several species of fruit trees (mostly apples and pears). The capital of the kingdom is Kushugi (pop. 16,000), a rakastan city where strangers are watched with suspicion. The past kings of Einikushagi have always been very close-minded regarding strangers, and the population is more than a little paranoid given the fact that Kushugi is near to four different national borders. The city was built here by King Loer II in 746, after the kingdom returned in the rakastas' possession [see History], in order to control better any possible invasion by a foreign nation. However, Einikushagi is all flat land, and is not defendable at all, so Kushugi is equipped to resist any attempt of siege for months, and can host another 10,000 rakastas from the surroundings in case of emergency. Einikushagi is one of the kingdoms who doesn't have access to the sea.
Last but not least, there is Kygwa, the orcish Enclave. Some of the Green Orcs that arrived with Hjika in 731 had decided to settle down and was not killed when the rakastas returned to the land: they were given some land, enough for their sustainment, and they still live there peacefully. Now they call themselves Ondonti.