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by Marco Dalmonte

(Eyris, Shaibuth, the Adventurer)
Patron of Cleverness, Patron of Shiye-Lawr, Patron of Adventure

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 20th (Empyreal), CG, Energy
Symbol: a row of white teeth smiling on black background
Portfolio: sylvan creatures, elves, illusion, deceit, cleverness, tricks, amusement, curiosity, adventure
Worshipped in: Alphatia, Immortal's Arm (Aeryl), Savage Coast (Eusdria, Herath), Hule & City-states, Isle of Dawn (Redstone), Midlands
Appearance: a tall elf with long silver hair and a very smart outlook, clad with royal robes and wearing a golden crown engraved with frolicking sylvan beings.
History: Eiryndul was a skilful strategist and a talented elf wizard during the reign of Ilsundal in the Sylvan Realm (2100-1800 BC). Ousted because of his swift tongue and boisterous attitude, and especially because of his constant pranks let alone of his insufficient martial skills, he ended up befriending the sylvan creatures that lived in the forest. He eventually left the elven settlements and chose to live among the dryads and centaurs, furthering his magical studies while waiting for the opportunity to get a revenge on the elves that humiliated and exiled him. When he discovered a way to become immortal, he quickly undertook the Path of the Paragon under protection of Rathanos. However, during his trials he abandoned all his bad feelings and purposes of vengeance against his people and he became more thoughtful and merry, even if he still disliked Ilsundal's boring philosophy. As part of his path towards immortality, he convinced a small fraction of his former clanmates (the youngest and most adventuresome elves) to follow him on a mysterious trek towards a new heaven he had discovered, where they could have been free from the short-sighted restrictions of Ilsundal's lot. Thanks to his magics he transported them to Darkwood and they settled on the shores of Lake Tros, where he had already built a small village. Here he modified the surrounding area by opening breaches into reality and by imbuing the forest with the magic of Illusion, thus transforming Darkwood into a unique place. He later bested the most powerful spellcasters of the region, who threatened his pupils and his dreamland. He did everything he was asked by Rathanos to complete his path and was finally able to become immortal around BC 1200 after crafting a powerful artifact that he left on the bottom of Lake Tros as a relic for the new clan he had established, the Daendur. He later appeared to all the other elven communities of Brun which lived in the Savage Coast and the Immortal's Arm, recruiting new worshippers also among the mysterious aranea of Herath (true masters of Illusion and Deceit) and thus increasing his power.
When Mealiden Starwatcher (Ilsundal's protégé) led the majority of the Sylvan Realm's elves eastward using the Rainbow Bridge, Eiryndul saw a great opportunity to lure his former clan, the Shiye, away from Ilsundal's influence. With clever words he convinced the Shiye leaders to abandon Mealiden during the crossing and he guided them beyond Brun's eastern coasts, making them settle in the central forests of the Alphatian continent, where in BC 800 they founded the Kingdom of Shiye-Lawr. These elves, influenced by Eiryndul's teachings, became more mysterious, independent, sly and dangerous than those of Alfheim.
Personality: Eiryndul likes to taunt the other Immortals with pranks and tricks carefully planned to embarrass them without hurting them, and he indulges in these jokes targeting especially Mealiden and Ilsundal. He is also famous for his romantic escapades both with mortals and immortals, and for this same reason he has a heated rivalry against Valerias, guilty of refusing more than once his advances and ridiculing him in front of the other immortals. To avenge himself she sponsored Kythria, a young immortal so similar to Valerias in many ways and a former cleric of the goddess of love, whom the goddess had repudiated out of jealousy. He is also in competition with Harrow, a young immortal of the Nightmare Dimension who hindered his plans too many times and is now threatening his authority on the Daendur elves. Harrow is also an ally of Loki in Hule, and Eiryndul considers this the worst of his guilt, since Loki represents the negative face of Eiryndul: an immortal who uses cleverness and deceit to bring destruction.
Patron: Rathanos
Allies: Faunus, Korotiku, Zirchev, Kythria
Enemies: Loki, Harrow, Valerias
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: any; clerics must not be Lawful
Favoured weapon: short sword (allowed all Small sized weapons and blowgun)
Clerics' skills and powers: find secret and hidden doors (1-3 on d6); thieves' skill Find Traps as thief of same level; one bonus general skill to choose between Trapbuilding, Acting and Deceiving
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Energy, Chaos, Good, Deceit, Illusion
Preferred weapon: short sword
Source: DotE, HW, WotI, SCS, OHP