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EKLEKE (Kingdom of)

Location: Continent of Skothar, Swanamutu region, city-state within Tangor.

Area: Approx. 2,703 sq. mi. (7,000 sq. km.).

Population: 30,000.

Languages: Tangor (Mawuru dialect).

Coinage: Lamia (gp), dia (sp), sep (cp).

Taxes: 5% of annual income to be paid three times each year.

Government Type: Monarchy.

Industries: Agriculture (bananas, manioca, peanuts).

Important Figures: Mojambo (King), Kasumi (Queen).

Climate and Terrain: Eklekeis sub-tropical. The region sits at the threshold from temperate forest to the first hints of jungle. Winter is short (about a couple of months) and rather rainy, the temperature ranging from 10 to 15C; autumn and spring are long, warm (20 to 30C) and vary much from year to year. Summers are hot and generally are made up of a rainy month with a couple of dry months immediately before autumn. During the summer, temperatures may reach 35C, and the humidity is incredible.

Flora and Fauna: The animals encountered here may be jaguars, baboons, apes, crocodiles and alligators, and many, many species of insects and snakes of different degrees of poison strength. Flora includes the typical jungle trees, but near the mountains and westward toward Tangor pine trees may be easily encountered.

Further Reading: The Southern Skothar Gazetteer by Giulio Caroletti.

Description by Erakliton.

Ekleke is an independent city located in the eastern part of Mawuru. The city is surrounded completely by the Empire of Tangor, in the mountains at the western edge of the Tangor Chain. However, the city is safe from invasion from their neighbours because it is taboo.

The reason for this is the weird composition of the population: all males are clearly Mawurus, while females belong to another race known as demonettes, pales-skinned women with small horns. The origin of the demonettes is not known but Tangors believe that the Eklekans have made a sort of infernal deal with demons or other weird creatures...

During the two centuries of Lamu-Ekleke cooperation, intermarriage between the two cultures has flourished, and thus most of the females of the city are now demonettes. The Eklekans are extremely suspicious of strangers-just as anyone in Swanamutu is suspicious of Eklekans. However, in the Empire of Tangor it is not unheard of a travelling demonette falling in love with a Tangor human; a marriage of this sort oftentimes becomes the target of racists and nationalists, if not of romantic tales.