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Ekto (City-State of)

by Hervé Musseau

Location: Isle of Dawn, east of Brun, southwest of the New Alphatian Sea.

Capital: Ekto (population 1,000).

Area: 18,996.

Population: 32,000.

Language: Alphatian, Thyatian.

Coinage: Alphatian Standard, Thyatian Standard.

Taxes: East Portage imposes an income tax of 20% on everyone of servant status or higher and an import tax of 1% (this tax only concerns goods coming from outside the Confederation and does not concern goods from Karameikos due to a trade agreement between that nation and the Confederation). None of it goes to the Imperial Treasury, to help the country recover from the war. In addition, the country receives extra money from the Council.

Government type: Semiautonomous monarchy owing loyalty to the New Alphatian Confederate Empire since Yarthmont 10, AC 1013.

Industries, Description, Notable Sites, History, Flora and Fauna: See the PWAs.

Important Figures: Tristan (King of Ekto and General).

Updates for the years 1013 and 1014 AC: When Thothia fought back the Thyatians after they had conquered most of the Isle of Dawn, Pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIV tried to take back all the territories that once were loyal to Alphatia. After a long siege to the city that lasted months, Thothia finally took the city. Ekto has since been Thothian-controlled, and this fact was recognised by Thyatis with the Isle of Dawn Treaty.
Ekto regained its independence when Thothia agreed to become member of the New Alphatian Confederate Empire. Thothia granted independence to the three small kingdoms of the Isle of Dawn, but only after having put a new King or Queen on the thrones, a new General at the head of the armed forces, and after having forced them to become full members of the Confederation. The once-fertile country is completely in ruins, and has to be rebuild from the ground. The Council has granted exceptional financial and magical help to the ravaged kingdom.

See Also: DotE, M5, PWAs (esp. PWA3 for latest information), nace, nace1314.