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Undead of Elegy Island: Locations

by Giampaolo Agosta

Some ideas on the main areas:

Here is a table to drive the development of the various regions.

Region Area Main Inhabitants Key NPC Key Location Description

Eastern coast Living Elegy Humans (Makai) Local Makai chief Nula The areas inhabited by humans. Few undead venture here, mostly those who can cast illusions to hide themselves. Basically, this is an area when undead PC can interact with the living.
Eastern coast Ha'ali Cove Pirates (human or undead?) Pirate Captain Pirate hideout A cove inhabited by living pirates, masquerading as undead... or perhaps by undead pirates? This area could be the site of an adventure (see the adventure hook in the Gaz) or a staging area for an undead pirates campaign
Nyx's Post Pile Modern tombs (not so) Ancient Dead These are the tombs of rich Makai, buried here in the last century. These people may come back as Mummies, due to accurate mummification techniques, or as (vengeful) spirits. This area should serve as a contrast to the ancient graveyard, providing undead PCs who are different not because of class feature, but for their more modern mindset.
Nyx's Post Pile Ancient Makai graveyards Ancient Dead, mindless undead, Uncorporeal The Unrepentant Dead These are tombs of Makai tribesmen from before the VI century. These people typically come back as Zombies, often animated by the undead spirit or mummy of an ancient chief or shaman. If a Zombie class is available, some of these Zombies may recover sentience with time, or possibly due to the influence of Nyx.
Underground Stonecarver ruins Jaime & servants Jaime Honey-Creeper Ahua Jaime's cave I'm currently considering Jaime as an ancient Makai or a Stonecarver. In either case, his cave lies in some Stonecarver cave deep under Elegy, but over the Shadowdeep proper.
Shadowdeep Taymoran catacombs Undecayed These catacombs are deep underground, and were originally accessed through entrances now collapsed under the sea. The Undecayed could be the most common inhabitants of this area, although Ancient Dead and spirits could also appear.
Limbo Limbo's Elegy Uncorporeal Nula this is a mirror region in the near Ethereal, and is the domain of the Uncorporeal. Ancient Dead and Undecayed cannot access it directly, of course. It covers the same areas as the other regions (thus being much larger than all of them)

Note that an undead pirate crew could be composed of Ghouls. This would solve the problem of feeding them -- they'd feed outside the island, and would take on piracy to avoid exhausting the limited resource of the island.