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Undead of Elegy Island: NPCs

by Giampaolo Agosta

An overview of potential major NPCs, who could easily be faction leaders (at least some of them).

Major NPC/Faction leaders

Name Class/Type/Ethnic origin Drive/Goals Followers
Jaime Honey-Creeper Ahua Stonecarver Druidic Lich Preserve the balance None
? Stonecarver Druidic Death Knight Revenge against the Taymorans (i.e., the Undecayed) ?
The Unrepentant Dead Uncorporeal Makai Shaman Conquer the Ierendi archipelago for the undead Makai Uncorporeals with "Possession" salient ability (Wights, Ghosts), animated dead pawns
Donatello "The Black" Matrongle Ierendian Ghoul Lord, Pirate Captain Plunder, restore himself as King of Ierendi Ghoul (and higher forms such as the Agarat)
? Taymoran Undecayed Cleric, High Priestess of Nyx Defend the status quo, avoid mortal intereference on Elegy Undecayed
? Mummy of a wealthy Makai businessman Protect the tombs, promote Elegy as a tourist destination, solicit donations for the dead Mummies
? Uncorporeal Makai Chief Protect Limbo Elegy from the Unrepentant Dead & Minions of Chaos Uncorporeals
? Undead Dragon or Night Dragon ? ?