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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Worshipped in: Minrothad, Undersea Kingdom
Elendaen (in elvish literally “Path of the Ocean) is the name of the cult and of the philosophy that worship Calitha Starbrow, the elven patron Immortal of water, of the oceans and of the marine ecosystem in general. Extremely widespread especially in the islands of Minrothad, the followers of Elendaen believe that the ocean is the cradle of all forms of life, since also the water that rains from the sky derives from the evaporation of the water that is found in the seas. The believers of Elendaen desire to wisely exploit the resources of the land and of the sea, in such a way that they can prosper without spoiling the world in which they live, and thus preach a growth in the full respect of the ecosystem in which they live. The philosophy furthermore also preaches of combating with force all those that threaten the aquatic ecosystem, be they sailors, land folk or underwater creatures that place in danger the fauna and the inhabitants of a certain area of sea.
The followers of Elendaen are always welcomed by the more peaceful marine peoples (like tritons, merrow and kna) once that they show their belief, as well as by the druidic orders with which they are found to interact, and they always offer aid to the followers of Elendaen if these should have a need. The relics of Calitha (the Frond of Life for the aquatic elves of the undersea kingdoms and the Pearl of Power for the marine elves of Minrothad) are the central artefacts for this cult, but remain a secret that is not divulged outside of the circles of the faithful. The priests devoted to Elendaen (among which are numbered both common clerics and druids, mainly elves, even if there also exist followers among the tortles and wallara) are specialists in spells based on water, only wearing clothing made with the products of the sea and use as a holy symbol the mother of pearl loved by Calitha.