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Elves in 3E

by Matteo Barnabè


Favoured Class: Sorcerer AND Ranger
(yes, two favoured classes, to try to maintain a kind of continuity with the OD&D Elves and Gaz. 5 important NPCs)


Favoured Class: Wizard AND Ranger
(I have chosen wizard instead of sorcerer here because of the Glantrian background; IMC sorcerers are quite despised in Glantri: according to the law of Principalities only wizards can graduate at the Great School of Magic and become part of the aristocracy)


Favoured Class: Wizard AND Fighter
Weapon Proficiency: all Belcadiz Elves receive martial weapon proficiency feats with rapier OR longsword and the exotic weapon proficiency feat with main-gauche (I imagine Belcadiz elves as skilful and technical swordsmen, and more "urban" than typical elves)
main-gauche (that I have introduced in my campaign to better characterise a Belcadiz Elf Duellist PC) has basically the same statistics of dagger (piercing, dam. 1d4), but critical is 18-20/x2 (to make it the natural partner of the rapier) and, with the proper feats and requisites (Two Weapon Fighting, Des 13 and +3 attack bonus if I remember correctly) it can be used to accomplish the Main-Gauche Parry manoeuvre (very similar to the Off-Hand Parry feat detailed in the "Sword and Fist" splat book).

I still haven't thought how to detail other Mystaran elves, as I am adapting 3E step by step according to my campaign needs.
However, I think that Shiye-Lawr Elves should have Rogue and Sorcerer as favoured class, Shadowelves Cleric and Wizard, and Graakhalia Elves (I do not remember the exact name, I mean the Elves that live with gnolls under the Plain of Fire) could be excellent Barbarians and Sorcerers.