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Elves evolutionary timeline

by Robin

Keep in mind this table bears some more information than expected;
These are all the canon clan's/races I could locate along their timeline.
1 When lines move away from others or closer this means contact between thetwo is decreased or increased.
2 when colors change in a line there is a (gradual within a few decades) genetic change in the build up of that race (why? compination of factors; Radiance DNA alteration will eventually affect a race somewhere in the timeline when circumstances are met, being different living circumstances.
3 elves were canon created by Ordana from her leaves, this is why elves are green-blooded, and can't nonmagical breed with other races (you can't mix animal with plant) without immortal magic

What is missing
The names if the Immortals doing magical aterations.
top to bottom; 7000BC Elves = Ordana, 6000BC Aquarendi =Manwara, 2700BC Blacklore= Hollow World Clique, 2400BC Erendyl to Faedorne= selfaltertion by magic, 2350BC Erendyl to Ee'aar= unknown (by me-could not find in canon), 1700BC Faedorrne + Harpy to Faenare & Eagle/Vulture + Faenare to Harpy = unknown labelled as "mother"by both races- there seems to have been two variant canon cases of merging between these two new races at roughly the same time-possibly they lived together a while, 1400BC dwarf-Elf to modrigswerg=unknown Immortal Demon, 1100BC half-elves savage coast/Highelves= Ilsundal, 1000BC Hatwa elves and Ninjar Ogres to N'djatwa= unknown, but clear immortal based magic, 600BC- Treudyl-to current Treudyl= unknown yet a clear alteration was mentioned canon

The rectangle with Genalleth, Lothenar, etc should have been labelld High Elves

The rectangle to the Shadow Elves should have a yellow top, as being magically influencd by the immortal Rafiel

The branch of elves created by Ordana to the four northern colonies should have a line of dragons added (as per Dragonlord Chronicles these have been merged somehow). it is unknow if this was done by Immortal, but magical procreation it was. before this no shapechanging dragons existed. Date unknown

Sylvan Elves have recently (about 700-900AC) some merging of Humans and elves, where one race remains dominant yet bears some genetic reflection of the other race, but any next offspring seems to be based on gender of the parents of the first mixed couple turning back to the original race= unknown elven? Immortal according canon suggestions. Half-elves as such as in savage Coast and High elves do not appear canonnically amongst the Sylvan Elves. Later sources do allow half-elves under AD&D2 rules, so if this is treu, then a very recent alteration by the same unknown elven? Immortal has been done. This is thus vague I did not enter it in the table; yet Erendyl, Mealidil, Longrunner, Chossum, Red-arrow, Faediel, Grunalf may have spawned these new hallf-elves.

Though maybe possible Erewan and Belcadizan elves could have created half-elven offspring,there are no canon notion mentioning these. possibly this is a cultural stron thing NOT to breed with humans.

There are some canon notions/references to Orc-Elf half-elves existing. I did not enter these into the table as this information was very vague to say the best. Yet like lord of the rings they could indeed have something mutual. Maybe some elves and genetic unstable beastmen merged (under influence of Hel? or Nyx? both are named in various non canon and 1/2 canon sources) to create the orc, which due this could later with a lower chance breed 'normally' with elves. it does explain the orc's green blood, and corporeal similarities. Elf-Orcs Half-Elves are always seen as Orcs, and thus may seem to be 'unknown'

There is some information of resurfaced Shadow Elves mating with Sylvan Elves and creating a new brand of Elves with no shadow elf benefits & weaknesses but mixed corporeal festures

There is some fanon information enabling real Dark-elves coming to be in the near future. This is under a new elven Immortal influences (see Threshold 8 about elves)
This same issue also creates an immortal mixtue of a giant spider with these dark elves into a drider.

Meditor elves entered the sea without immortal influence apparently, yet the text suggests Ilsundal is responsible for their "living wood" artifact, so indirect she might have been helping/created this alteration

Verdier Clans are slowly undergoing a natural mutation where some minor differences, based on their coastal/boat lifestyle, come to be between sylvan elves and their breed.hence the blueish color name.

And indeed I did not mention the Graakhallians
As far As I could compile these could either be a branch of Sylvan Elves (Belcadizan are suggested fanon), or Shadow Elves (Porador are fanon suggested). There is no real indepth genetic difference--aka other breed when seen to the other elf 'breeds/races/clans'--to list this group seperately.
And as both the gnolls and elves were not genetically compatible...that is not to say some (twisted) immortal might make this possible in the current or future
It might also be possible the extinct Mezcali elven breed is not as extinct as canon gave, and these receded underground, merged with other underground elves and are the Graakhalian elves of today.
this is all additional information. I tried to base this on all canon sources, fanon sources back in time may have great is what you prefer