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Here is my take on the Elf Cleric for the BECMI rules. In creating this class I tried to stay with similar concepts that the designers used to create the Elf Wizard (GAZ5), the Dwarf-Cleric (GAZ6) the Halfling Master (GAZ8), and the Shadow Elf Wizards (GAZ13).

Elf Cleric

by Craig Antoun

Prime Requisite: Wisdom
Experience Bonus: 5% for Wisdom 13-15, 10% for Wisdom 16-18.
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. At 10th level +2 hit points, and Constitution adjustment no longer apply.
Saving Throws: As Elf of equal level.
Maximum Level: 20th
Alignment: Any.
Armor: Any. Shield permitted.
Weapons: No edged or pointed weapons (unless allowed by Immortal patron); all others permitted.
Special Abilities: Turning undead; clerical spells; at 14th level take half damage from dragon breath; infravision; extra languages (elf, gnoll, hobgoblin, orc); 1 in 3 chance to detect secret and hidden doors; immunity to ghoul paralysis.
Weapon Mastery: Basic skill in all weapons not restricted by cleric.
Skills: Required to take Honor Immortal.

Elves who originate outside of Alfheim, do not honor the Immortals Ilsundal or Mealidel, and do not maintain a Tree of Life, may become elf clerics. The Kingdom of Wendar and the Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn are two such regions of Mystara that elf clerics are known to exist.

Special Abilities
Elf clerics function as regular human clerics regarding Special Abilities, and cast clerical spells and turn undead as a cleric of equal level.

Elf Crusader
An elf cleric who attains 10th level may decide to become an elf crusader. Elf crusaders are clerics who embrace their fighting ability in order to more effectively combat their Immortalís enemies. While the elf crusaderís fighting skills continue to increase, his clerical abilities (clerical spell casting and turning undead) no longer improve.

Upon becoming a elf crusader at 10th level, the elf immediately gains the Special Ability Fighter Maneuvers (Lance Attack and Set Spear vs. Charge). As the elf crusader continues to gain experience points, he advances in Attack Ranks as listed for a normal elf character. Fighter Combat Options become available at 850,000 experience points (multiple attacks, smash, parry, and disarm). Three attacks become possible at 2,600,000 experience points.

Elf Clerics and Elf Crusaders both use the standard Elf Experience Table.
Elf Clerics advance up to 20th level with Clerical spell casting and turning undead abilities. They do not gain Attack Ranks.
Elf Crusaders advance up to 10th level then continue on with Attack Ranks. Clerical spell casting and turning undead abilities stops at 10th level.