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Here is my take on the Elf Druid for the BECMI rules. In creating this class I tried to stay with similar concepts that the designers used to create the Elf Wizard (GAZ5), the Dwarf-Cleric (GAZ6) the Halfling Master (GAZ8), and the Shadow Elf Wizard (GAZ13). The druid abilities are a combination of those introduced by Bruce Heard in Part 24 of the Voyages of the Princess Ark (Dragon #177) and the Rules Cyclopedia Errata and Companion Guide by Aaron Oliver.

Elf Druid

by Craig Antoun

Prime Requisite: Wisdom
Experience Bonus: 5% for Wisdom 13-15, 10% for Wisdom 16-18.
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to 9th level. At 10th level +2 hit points, and Constitution adjustment no longer applies.
Saving Throws: As Elf of equal level.
Maximum Level: 20th
Alignment: Neutral.
Armor: Leather armor, scale mail if constructed from natural materials. Shield permitted if made only of wood and leather.
Weapons: Blowguns, clubs, daggers, hand axes, maces, spears, staves, war hammers, and slings. Weapons must be made with no metal.
Special Abilities: Clerical and druidic spells; at 6th level gain Speak With Animals ability; at 10th level becomes immune to poison; at 13th level may use cauldron as a crystal ball; at 14th level take half damage from dragon breath; at 17th level gains shapechange ability; infravision; extra languages (elf, gnoll, hobgoblin, orc); 1 in 3 chance to detect secret and hidden doors; immunity to ghoul paralysis.
Weapon Mastery: Basic skill in all weapons not restricted by druid.
Skills: Required to take Honor Immortal and Nature Lore at 1st level. Next available skill choices should include Healing, Snare, Survival, and Tracking.

Elves who originate outside of Alfheim may become elf druids. The Kingdom of Wendar and the Confederated Kingdom of Robrenn are just two such regions of Mystara that elf druids are known to exist.

Elf druids function in the same manner as a normal druid although they gain some of the special abilities of the class at earlier levels than a human druid. But these earlier level gains are relatively equivalent to the human druid level by experience point measure.

Special Abilities
At 6th level, a elf druid gains the ability to Speak with Animals. At 10th level, a elf druid becomes immune to poison. At 13th level, a elf druid can use her cauldron as a crystal ball. When reaching the Circle of Nine at 17th level, a elf druid can create a magical torc used by that elf druid to shapechange into any non-magical woodland animal.

It should be noted that a 17th level elf druid has acquired a slightly greater amount of experience points than a 30th level human druid, and is thus eligible to compete for a position amongst the Circle of Nine just like a normal druid.

Higher Experience Levels
When an elf druid reaches 10th level, she must decide if she wishes to continue on as a druid or become an elf druidic warrior.

If the elf decides to continue on as a druid, her Attack Rolls stop at 10th level while his clerical and druidic spell casting abilities continue to increase until 20th level.

Elf Druidic Warrior
An elf druid who attains 10th level may decide to become an elf druidic warrior. Elf druidic warriors are druids who enhance their fighting ability in order to more effectively protect their home forest. While the elf druidic warrior’s fighting skills continue to increase, his clerical and druidic spell casting no longer improve.

Upon becoming a elf druidic warrior at 10th level, the elf immediately gains the Special Ability Fighter Maneuvers (Lance Attack and Set Spear vs. Charge). As the elf druidic warrior continues to gain experience points, he advances in Attack Ranks as listed for a normal elf character. Fighter Combat Options become available at 850,000 experience points (multiple attacks, smash, parry, and disarm). Three attacks become possible at 2,600,000 experience points.

Elf druidic warriors are not eligible to join the Circle of Nine.

Elf Druids and Elf Druidic Warriors both use the standard Elf Experience Table.
Elf Druids advance up to 20th level with Clerical and Druidic spell casting abilities. They do not gain Attack Ranks.
Elf Druidic Warriors advance up to 10th level then continue on with Attack Ranks. Clerical and Druidic spell casting abilities stop at 10th level.