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Updated elven holidays

by Francesco Defferrari

Elven Festival (AFAIK no canon source ever listed elven festival in Mystara. But CM7 gives a starmap with names of the months. In the map there aren't exact correspondence to Thyatians months, so those are mine, proposed..)

Nuwmont - Snowdrop
Vatermont - Gloomlight
Thaumont - Frostend
Flaurmont - Youngfire
Yarthmont - Seedwell
Klarmont - White-ewe
Felmont - Richsun
Fyrmont - Sweetlife
Ambyrmont - Copperfield
Sviftmont - Goldharvest
Eirmont - Redtree
Kaldmont - Darkwood

and the holidays could be... (inspired by Shadowelves, Glantri and Minrothad "more elvenlike" holidays)
1/1 Snowdrop, First Day of the Year (as for the Shadowelves and Minrothad)
1/3 First day of Spring, feasting and dancing (inspired by Shadow elves Discovery feast)
8/3 Frostend, Spring break (inspired by Glantri holiday with the same name)
12/4 Youngfire, Winter's end festival ( between Merchant Prince day of Minrothad and First day of Crystals of SE)
9/5 Seedwell, Day of Births (from the SE holidays with the same name)
1/6 White-ewe, Summer solstice (as for various nations)
15/6 White-ewe, Night of the Moon (inspired by Glantri holiday)
15/7 Richsun, Highsummer festival (Belcadiz and SE have a holiday the day before, and highsummer is a holiday in that day for various cultures)
27/7 Richsun, Summer celebration day (inspired by Minrothad All's Reckless day)
1/9 Copperfield, Harvest day (first day of autumn for various cultures)
17/9 Copperfield, Mealiden day (the army festival as for the SE)
27/9 Copperfield, Day of the Last Sun (inspired by Minrothad Bask day)
1/12 Darkwood, Farewell to the Sun (various cultures)
15/12 Darkwood, Snow day (inspired by Ice Games of Glantri)
25/12 Darkwood, Midwinter festival (inspired by Minrothad holiday with the same name)
28/12 Darkwood, Year's End Fest (as for SE)
Tell me what do you think about it.. Maybe should be a festival for Doriath birthday too ?