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Barony of the Elms

Location: Norwold, continent of Brun, north of Leeha, west of Panteria.

Area: Approx. 997 sq. mi. (2,582 sq. km.).

Population: 1,000 elves.

Languages: Elvish (Shiye-Lawr and Alfheim dialects).

Coinage: Barter only.

Taxes: None. Each elf wilfully helps the rest of the community as needed.

Government Type: Barony (independent elven dominion, the baron is advised by the clanmasters). Loosely allied to the Kingdom of Alpha, the baron recognises the spiritual authority of Zoltan the White.

Industries: Hunting and gathering.

Important Figures: Quillan Elm-Grower (Baron and Clanmaster, elf, male, F14/M10), Lidial Almashiye (Almashiye Clanmaster, elf, female, P10 of Eiryndul).

Flora and Fauna: Well tended elms and evergreen trees abound in this area. Deer, bears, elks, wolves, and other small northern forest animals can be found here.

Further Reading: CM1 Test of the Warlords.

No description this year. [Synthala provided us with basic dominion information, but no insight-watch for more next year. Ed.]