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Elven Longbow

by Marco Fossati

(2nd edition rules)


It has no unique name, but maybe some owner could have been named it. Some include Ironleaf, Ilsundal's Arm, Elven Justiciar.


Usually made of oak, very light (50% less than normal weight) just a bit less than 5 feet long, with the strings made by hair of some magical animal like unicorn, chevall, pegasus. It's a very rare item. No more than a couple of this weapon can be found in each Alfheim clan.

Secrets of making

Some sages definitely say it takes the magical powers of at least two elven mages and one elf priest casting "Enchant an item" and "Imbue with spell ability" and "Combine". The oak must be old at least 500 years and must be grown in the Canolbarth Forest (then after WOI, with the rise of Aengmor making this weapon has become very difficult) The strings must come from some magical animal but the maker has not to kill nor to harm the animal. The magical creature must freely give to him (usually in exchange of some favours or tasks). The other spells needed in order to make the Elven Longbow are jealousy guarded by Alfheim mages and priests but on Brun some whisper spells such as "Haste" and various "Power Word" may be included.


An Elven Longbow (Alfheim version) is +1/+3 against evil creatures to hit rolls and - 1 to reaction adjustment.

On a natural roll of 18-19 the target loses 25% of its hit points and becomes stunned for 1d4+1 rounds.

On a natural roll of 20 the target loses 90% of its hit points and becomes paralysed for 2d4 rounds.

Once a week the bow can instantly kill target after having hit it. The target must be evil. The wielder must before speak the correct word of activation. Master Terari of the Karameikan School of Magecraft has discovered 3 of them "Shalaker", "Threshand", "Byajohaan" but he has to discover yet the whereabouts of the 3 bows.

Campaign Use

IMC these weapons are given to important elven warriors usually assigned as guards to protect the Trees of Life or some important NPC's. It's unlikely any non elven can be given one of them unless he had performed such big impressive task for the elves or he had killed the right owner.

One of them was seen in the hands of a member of the Alfheim Avengers during a retaliatory strike against the shadow elves. while another couple are openly carried by two elves member of the Guard of King Doriath in Norwold.

Tales that General Garafaele of Aengmor owns an Elven Longbow are still unconfirmed.