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School of Magecraft Staff

by Tim Haney

Elrol Kavaros
Honorary Dean of the Karameikan School of Magecraft

Elrol was born in Specularum to a Traladaran woman who worked as a prostitute. After her death at the hand of a Thyatian man who was believed to be Elrol's father, he found himself fending for himself on the streets of Specularum at age twelve. During this time he met and befriended a thief named Piotr Haldaenu. Together they joined an adventuring party where Elrol met his first true instructor of magic from a Glantrian mage by the name of Haigo. Elrol was very impressed by the mage and planned to attend the great Glantri School of Magic. During the exploration of a dragon's lair, the party discovered the dragon still resided there. All but Elrol and Piotr were killed. Unknown at the time, Haigo had escaped at the cost of the rest of the party. Elrol, fearing he no longer could enter the Glantri School without Haigo's recommendation, joined the Magician's Guild of Specularum at age sixteen. After four years of apprenticeship, he again left Specularum for adventure with Piotr and two new friends, Selma Lightfoot and Gunnar Bergthorson. On their first adventure together, they encountered the Alasiyan woman, Avicenna Al-Tahir from Tel Akbir. She would later become Elrol's wife. After gaining enough riches, Selma left the group and bought a run-down inn in the Merchant district of Specularum. Elrol, Avicenna and Piotr continue to adventure together gathering spell components for the new Karameikan School of Magecraft. Elrol occasionally teaches courses in gathering components correctly and is a favourite of the students and faculty.

Elrol is a pleasant man that enjoys his time at the school. Never having a close relationship with his own instructors, he attempts to give the students as much time as possible. He still feels inferior to many of the deans at the school and has the highest respect of Master Terari though he is hesitant to speak with him often. While the idea of remaining a permanent dean of the school has played across his mind, he finds his love of travel to make that impractical. He and Avicenna have a small house in Krakatos and often visits Selma and Gunnar at the Silver Heath Tavern and Inn in Mirros. His relationship with Piotr has become strained since learning he has sired more than one child and abandoned it and the mother.

Notes: Birthdate Yarthmont 19, 984 AC; AL NG; AC 6 (cloak of protection +2); MV 12; human M7; hp 20; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Damage 1d4 (dagger) or by spell; Str 12, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 13.