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Inns & Taverns of Mystara: Eltan's Spring, Grand Duchy of Karameikos AC 1000

by Michael Diehm

Here is the second part of a description of Mystara's many colourful inns and taverns by the irrepressible Haxum Wright, a well-travelled swashbuckler late of Selenica.

"As we travelled over Lake Windrush towards the Black Peaks on Cardia's flying carpet, Shastri the halfling started rambling on about a couple of rough and tumble taverns on the waterfront of Threshold that I had missed."

Cock's Crow Tavern

DM Notes

Location: N waterfront
Tavernkeeper: Grygory Ilyanov
Patrons: Wharfies, stevedores and fishermen
Quality: Poor
Drinks: Ale 2sp/tankard
Claim to Fame: Open all night and the patrons tend to take full advantage of this

Source: Dragon's Tomb (Novel)

Maiden's Blush Tavern

DM Notes

Location: S waterfront
Tavernkeeper: Yakov Acroavios
Patrons: Wharfies, stevedores and fishermen
Quality: Poor
Drinks: Ale 3sp/tankard
Claim to Fame: Notorious for harlots

Source: Dragon's Tomb (Novel)

"Finally we arrived at the small village of Eltan's Spring."

Crock & Goblet Tavern

"The alluring smell of roasting meat filled the crisp mountain air. The aroma wafted from one of the few buildings of the village. Lead by our stomachs, we wandered into the Crock & Goblet tavern. The wooden taproom was warmed by a cosy fire and friendly farming folk. We immediately ordered a plate of roast lamb and a pot of the local brew from the taverkeeper, Liselle. Liselle had a rather squeaky voice and slightly elfin features, not my type really. She informed us that her grandparents founded the pub and the enterprise had proven very successful. After sampling the lamb and ale, I could not dispute her claim. This ale was the best I had ever tasted! Liselle was reluctant too give too much away, but she said the quality of the ale was due to the purity of the water up here.

After quite a few pots of the fine ale, the farmers' stories became more interesting. All was going well until shouts came from the kitchen. Our beloved halfling, Shastri, had wandered into the kitchen looking for scones. After apologising profusely we made our exit. So our visit to this backwater was not totally for nought. Eltan's Spring Ale would be my first request in Threshold taverns from now on."

Location: In the village's southeast
Tavernkeeper: Liselle Durgovitch
Patrons: Local farmers, Gernon (village Elder), Boltac (leatherworker)
Quality: Fair
Drinks: Eltan's Fine Ale 5sp/pot for visitors, 3sp/pot for locals
Meals: Roast Lamb 1gp
Claim to Fame: Eltan's Ale is the finest ale in Karameikos outside Highforge

Source: Karameikos Kingdom of Adventure (Adventure Book)

"Time to head south to more civilised parts. Shastri has heard of a great inn of the town of Rifllian and has persuaded us to stop over there on our way to Kelvin. Somehow, I think I will be disappointed."