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Colour of Magic - Elven Spells

by Gilles Leblanc

Elven magic is very old. It is strongly nature oriented. The elves are great practitioners of magic and have developed many spells over the course of their history. Elven magic often radiates green energies.

1st level:

Alarm: The elves version of the alarm spells replace the loud ringing sound with that of many animals sounds ( dogs, wolves, horses, etc. ) all played in a loud cacophony.

Armour: The elves have developed a version where the material component is replaced by bark from a dead tree infused with a simple magical ritual ( no spells required ) under the full moon.

Magic Missile: The missiles have a light green glow. These are shaped like a small arrow.

Tenser's Floating Disk: ( Wooden Disk ) The disk itself appear to be made of translucent wood.

2nd level

Blindness: The victim sees a thick mass of greenery just before his eyes instead of greyness.

Rope Trick: ( Control Vine ) The elven version uses a vine instead of a rope.

Spectral Hand: ( Spectral Talon ) The ghostly glowing hand is replaced by a ghostly glowing eagle's talon.

Web: ( Natural Restrainment ) The spell creates a mass of sticky vines and undergrowth instead of spider strands.

3rd level

Flame Arrow: ( Magic Arrows ) In the first use of the spells, the arrows enchanted glow with a green pulsating glow instead of fire and in the second version, the spells fires fiery arrows made of a strong green fire.

Fly: During the duration of the spell the target grows large swan wings, which are used to fly. The target may not be wearing torso armour at this time but normal clothing will not hinder the spell, nor will the spell damage the clothing.

Hold Person: Roots grow out of the ground to bind the target's foots, arms, hands, and gag them. The spell has the same effect.

Wraith form: ( Ghost Form ) This transform the caster into a translucent ghost-like creature instead of a wraith.


Dimension Door: The dimension door appears for an instant as the spell is cast and the wizard traverses it. It appears as an arch of vines, flowers and plants.

Evard's Black Tentacles: ( Grasping Roots ) The tentacles are replaced huge roots that come out of the ground.

Leomund's Secure Shelter: ( Nature's Refuge ) The spells creates an elven tree-home in a sufficiently large tree.

Otiluke's Resilient Sphere: ( Resilient Sphere ) The sphere appears as tough it was made from pink quartz.

Wall of Ice: ( Wall of bramble ) This spell creates a wall of thorny bramble. In the first use of the spell there is no modification to damage if the creature is ice or fire based. In the second uses, it cannot be melted but can be hacked down ( which is a slow process, about the same time the normal spells needs to melt ). The third acts the same way as the spell, a wall of bramble falls on the targets. As a wall of ice, the wall can be destroyed by fire and fire spells, in that case the wall is burned. The thick vapours, which normally take place when the ice wall is melted by fire spells, are now replaced with thick smoke.