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Alphatian Craft: Emanator

by Jeff Daly

The Emanator, or school of Auraists...

These guys actually change their immediate environment in some way based on one of the 6 senses. At lower levels, this is mainly an atmosphere thing, but at upper levels it can be quite affective in terms of power.

1st Circle: The mage chooses an affect based on a sense. This might be "There always seems to be a shimmer of reddish light around Kalampar" or "The sorceress Jakarlimen always smells of rosebuds", or "Felgardl carries a stench with him wherever he goes", or "Observers of Phil, claim to have experienced a tickling in the backs of their minds whenever he is within 10' of them".

Keep in mind, the affect is only up close. Within 5 or 10 feet is plenty most of the time.

2nd Circle: The mage may concentrate on causing his aura to have a real affect on anyone within 10' of him, the particular sense is flooded (with light, with stench, with sound, etc) and anyone within range must save vs spells or be at minus 3 to hit and save.

3rd Circle: The mage may direct an attack at one opponent, by a successful to hit roll. The affect has a range of 20', and actually causes damage, die roll determined by level, rounded down (A level 10 mage does d10 points of damage, a level 13 mage does d12 points of damage, a level 14 mage does d10 +d4 points of damage...), the affect gives a saving through vs spells, at +3, success meaning half damage.

4th Circle: The mage may leave a permanent affect in an area, usually not harmful (though creatures affected by light might stay away from an area of light...). This can be very useful in transforming a living space.

5th Circle: The mage may actually become his aura. Pure light, pure sound, pure sense. The actual affect varies according to campaign, player, DM, and affect. But examples might be travelling at the speed of light, or slipping under doors.