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Emerond (Kingdom of)

Location: Jungle Coast, continent of Davania, southwest of the Thyatian Hinterlands. DV

Area: 67,500 sq. mi. (174,825 sq. km.).

Population: 127,500.

Languages: Emerondian (a language not related to any other spoken on Mystara).

Coinage: None.

Taxes: None. Emerondians have a vague notion of private property and share freely with one another.

Government Type: Dynastic monarchy (loosely organized city-states under one monarch).

Industries: Farming, gathering.

Important Figures: Jerem Rhody (King), Pikkolu (Forest Protector), Dendeh (Sun Protector), Kamesama (Earth Protector).

Flora and Fauna: Emerond is a forested land west of the Thyatian Hinterlands. The kingdom has literally been "grown" into the jungle for there are few clearings and no serious attempt at large-scale clearing has ever been made. Many types of plants grow in the region, from sub-tropical species native to the region to more alien versions of common trees and bushes, directly imported from the ancestral home planet of the Emerondians. Some of these plants are able to modify their external structure and possess a rough form of intelligence and instincts. The common fauna encountered in the region include jungle creatures such as panthers, jaguars and other great felines, all varieties of tropical snakes, displacer beasts, and some lizards and amphibious creatures. Near the Emerondian settlements, insect-like creatures descended from pets brought to Mystara by the Emerondians (use statistics for giant insects but alter the creatures' appearance). Treants and gakaraks can also be found here and they are on friendly terms with the Emerondians. Other plant-like beings can be found here too, both dangerous and benign ones.

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Last Year's Events: The Emerondians maintained some diplomatic and trading relations with the Thyatians, but also gave covert aid (though not in the form of weapons) to the resisting Thracians to prevent the Thyatian Empire from becoming too powerful in this part of the world.