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Future of the Emirates

by Antonio Manghisi

I read the scenario and I found it great! However it doesn't explain why dwarves (usually good friend of Ylari) suddenly allies with Ethengars against Ylari people. I've an idea, developed by GAZ2 material:

Around 1000 AC, Karameikos military campaigns against humanoids of the Altan Tepee mountain range. Humanoids fleeing this menace raid the Dythestenia foothills (p. 25). There are bands of goblin, hobgoblin, kobolds, orcs, trolls and giants (p. 56-57). Raiding monsters are secretly supported by Thyatian agents (p. 62). Finally various goblin tribes supported by hill giants are subdued, and humanoid converted to True Faith (p. 51).

More and more humanoid tribes converted to True Faith and adopt Ylari way of life. Most tribe remains nomad, but groups of humanoid became al-Hazar. Eventually humanoid ask to join army. Birth of the Order of Mamluks, recruiting non-human True Believers. Dwarves increasingly offended.

Moreover, in my old campaign Ylari allied with Cynidicean people, who were extending their territories underground, fighting against Barimoor minions. IMHO, dwarves don't likes also Cynidicean cause, even if they're human, they're physically too similar to Shadow elves.

What did Makistans when Ethengars moved war to Emirates? Did they fight or join the Golden Khan army? They're True Believers, but they're of Ethengar origins and friends of dwarves. I suppose they at first surrender and then eventually join the army. When Golden Khan army flee, they have to face the hatred of other Ylari, the devastation of their towns and the foreign military occupation of Warqa.