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The end of the Caravan Campaign

by Ville Lähde

Phew! Last night our group finally finished nearly a three year long campaign. We played almost continuously once per week, so I'd guess we had something like 120 sessions in total. The working title was "the Caravan Campaign", and it took the PCs on a tour of the Known World, to trials and tribulations in Alfheim, to an underground journey to the lands of the Shadowelves, and finally to a bloody climax in Alfheim City.

In the end, Xatapechtli's conspiracy was utterly broken, and Telemon abdicated in order to leave his people with a few followers.
Gilfronden managed to conquer and nearly destroy Alfheim City.
Thousands died, but in the end he was put down by the PCs.

It was a nice but burdensome campaign. We used HARP RPG, which was a mistake, but with a lot of tweaking and house ruling we managed to hold the system together through the campaign. But I would not recommend it to anyone.

For the spring I finally get some leave from DMing - which is welcome, since I'm currently finishing my PhD manuscript. But since the other GM in our group is leaving the country in the summer, I guess I'll have to pick up the banner after him once again. I'm thinking of running the series of Specularum adventures which I have translated into the Vaults, but I just need to find a good game system for them. They focus on social situations and investigation, so I need something geared for that.
Currently I'm thinking about FATE RPG.