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Endless Quest Books for Mystara

by Håvard

I have made a list of the Endless Quest books. I have removed the books that are officially linked to other settings. All of these books were published after the creation of the Known World. The Endless Quest books all carry the "classic" D&D logo which would associate them with Mystara. The Super Endless Quest books sometimes bore the AD&D logo, but some of these books are in fact identified as set i Mystara.

Endless Quest Books Series 1

1 Dungeon of Dread D&D Rose Estes  
2 Mountain of Mirrors D&D Rose Estes Possible location: Norwold?
3 Pillars of Pentegarn D&D Rose Estes Possible location: Alphatia?
4 Return to Brookmere D&D Rose Estes Possible location: Wendar?
5 Revolt of the Dwarves D&D Rose Estes Possible location: Denwarf-Hurgon?
6 Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons D&D Rose Estes  
7 Hero of Washington Square (May 1983) Top Secret
8: Villains of Volturnus (May 1983) Star Frontiers
9: Robbers and Robots (July 1983) Top Secret
10 Circus of Fear D&D Rose Estes GREYHAWK
11 Spell of the Winter Wizard D&D Linda Lowery  
12 Light on Quests Mountain GAMMA WORLD
13 Dragon of Doom D&D Rose Estes  
14 Raid on Nightmare Castle D&D Catherine McGuire  
15 Under Dragon's Wing D&D John Kendall  
16 The Dragon's Ransom D&D Laura French  
17: Captive Planet (July 1984) Star Frontiers
18 King's Quest D&D Tom McGowen  
19: Conan the Undanted (June 1984) CONAN
20: Conan and the Prophecy (June 1984) CONAN
21 Duel of the Masters D&D Chris Martindale  
22 The Endless Catacombs D&D Margaret Weis  
23: Blade of the Young Samurai (November 1984) ORIENTAL ADVENTURES /"Nippon"
24: Trouble on Artule (November 1984) Star Frontiers
25: Conan the Outlaw (December 1984) CONAN
26: Tarzan and the Well of Slaves (January 1985) TARZAN
27 Lair of the Lich D&D Bruce Algozin Mar, 1985  
28: Mystery of the Ancients (May 1985) SCI FI (Gamma World)
29 Tower of Darkness D&D Regina Oehler Fultz J  
30 The Fireseed D&D Morris Simon Oct, 1985  
32 Prisoner of Elderwood D&D Bruce Algozin  
33 Knight of Illusion D&D Mary L. Kirchoff  
34 Claw of the Dragon D&D Bruce Algozin  
35 Vision of Doom D&D Mary L. Kirchoff  
36 Song of the Dark Druid D&D Josepha Sherman March,  


Endless Quest: Crimson Crystal Series

1 Riddle of the Griffon D&D Susan Lawson (pseudonym for Margaret Weis and Roger E. Moore)  
2 Search for the Pegasus D&D Roger E. Moore March  
3: Renegades of Luntar (June 1985) SCI FI
4 Stop that Witch! D&D Mary Clark  

Endless Quest Series 2

37 Dungeon of Fear Michael Andrews 1994 Dragon Strike
38 Castle of the Undead t George Barr 1994 AD&D Ravenlof
39 Secret of the Djinn Jean Rabe 1994 AD&D Al-Qadim
40 The Siege of the Tower Kem Antillies 1994 AD&D Greyhawk
41 A Wild Ride Louis Anderson 1994 Wildspace
42 Forest of Darkness Michael Andrews Dragon Strike
43 American Knights Nick Pollotta 1995 Gamma World
44 Night of the Tiger Jean Rabe 1995 AD&D Ravenloft
45 Galactic Challenge Allen Varney 1995 Amazing Engine
46 Bigby's Curse Anne K. Brown 1995 AD&D Greyhawk
47 The 24-Hour War Nick Pollotta 1995 Gamma World
48 The Test* Wes Nicholson 1996 AD&D Greyhawk
49 Sands of Deception* Jean Rabe 1996 AD&D Al-Qadim

Super Endless Quest (aka AD&D Adventure Gamebooks)

3 Escape from Castle Quarras Generic D&D Douglas Niles May be adapted to Norwold?
7 Sceptre of Power Generic D&D Morris Simon March TIKANDIA
8 Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga Generic D&D Roger E. Moore  
9 The Sorcerer's Crown Generic D&D Morris Simon TIKANDIA
11 Clash of the Sorcerers Generic D&D Morris Simon TIKANDIA
12 Curse of the Werewolf Generic D&D Chris Martindale  
13 Gates of Death Generic D&D Terry Phillips May  
14 Trail Sinister Generic D&D James Brumbaugh  
15 The Vanishing City Generic D&D Allen Varney MYSTARA (Norwold, Official)
18 Prince of Thieves Generic D&D Chris Martindale  


TSR Pick a Path to Adventure Books / Fantasy Forest Series

#1: The Ring, the Sword, and the Unicorn James M. Ward 1983  
#2: Ruins of Rangar Mike Carr 1983 **
#3: Shadowcastle Michael Gray 1983 **
#4: Keep of the Ancient King Mike Carr 1983 **
#5: Dungeon of Darkness John Kendall 1984  
#6: Star Rangers and The Spy Jean Blashfield 1984 Sci Fi. Star Frontiers?
#7: Castle in the Clouds Morris Simon 1984 Kingdom of Perlon
#8: Star Rangers Meet The Solar Robot 1984 Sci Fi. Star Frontiers?
#9: Jason's First Quest 1984 Mythic Greece
#10: The Lost Wizard Michael Gray 1984  

**These Three books are set in the same world. Sir Gregor, Knight of the Golden Dragon appears as an NPC in all the books. Possibly connected to Blackmoor.


Found some more books. These were published in the mid 1980s and were simply labelled Solo Gamebooks. I don't know much about them yet.

Title Author Setting Notes
8461 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Castle Arcania James Ward Unknown Fantasy Northern Marches mentioned.
8462 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Battle for the Ancient Robot James Ward Space Sci Fi Planet Cybos mentioned
8463 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Revenge of the Red Dragon James Ward Unknown, Fantasy  
8464 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Challenge of the Druids Grove James Ward Unknown Fantasy setting. Forest of Lath mentioned
8465 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Dragonsword of Lankhmar   Lankhmar  
8466 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Amber Sword of Worlds End Michael P. Prince Unknown Fantasy Setting
8467 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Warlords David Zeb Cook Feudal Japan? Oriental Adventures?  
8468 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Fantastic Four in The Doomsday Device   Marvel Universe  
8469 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, Daredevil in The King Takes a Dare James Ward Marvel Universe  
8470 1 on 1 Solo Gamebook, The Dragon Wand of Krynn Greg and Nancy Fahlgren Dragonlance  

This website has more details on the books: