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The Engloutis Archipelago

by Håvard

The Engloutis Archipelago is a series of tiny Floating Continents circling near Hollow World's Sun. Most of the inhabitants of the various islands come from civilisations that were destroyed in a series of earthquakes that happened as a delayed effect of the planetary shift of the Great Rain of Fire. The most important Floating Continent in the Archipelago is Arkasia:

Arkasia is an island populated by a strange race. Although they appear human, Arkasians have the ability to float in the air, just a few inches above the ground. They cannot float across watery surfaces and cannot fly as such. The fact that their feet rarely touch the ground has lead both male and female Arkasians to wear long skirts which conceal their feat. Arkasians are generally an apathetic people. Their homeland is a peaceful paradise-like world with parks, soft pools and flower beds and they have few worries. The younger generation shows some spirit, though the Spell of Preservation makes sure that this dwindles as they grow older. Arkasia is very close to the Hollow World sun and the Arkasians worship the sun and Ixion it's creator. They consider themselves the caretakers of the sun and view the sun as a living being that they should care for. At times when the sun's energy has weakened, it has caused great worry among the Arkasians.

Arkasia is also home to other strange creatures, such as Armadillo Men, a race with a great sense of humour. Another race are the Colossal Sphinxes. Only a few exist, but are revered by the Arkasians.

Characters of Note:

Sparthanos (King): Sparthanos grew up in exile and spent most of his life in Milenia. He is also known as a master of the arm crossbow, a special Arkasian crossbow-like weapon one can attach to the wrist. It can fire both regular crossbow bolts as well as special grappling hooks. Due to his long absence from his homeworld, King Sparthanos has lost the Arkasian ability to levitate.

Arkasina (Queen): In her youth, Arkasina feared that the sun would go extinct. She left Arkasia with the help of a Colossal Sphinx named Tehrig and together they explored the Hollow World. In her travels she encountered Sparthanos whom she married. She became a queen when he returned and reclaimed his throne. Together they discovered a magical artifact which helps preserve the Hollow World sun.

Other islands:

Legend speaks of a man who was able to entrance were-rats by playing his magical pipe. In the realm of Souris, the magical pipe now rests and continuously plays the tune of the bard, even though he is now long gone. The island is inhabited by were-rats, but they appear civilised and peaceful. Occasionally, however, the pipe stops playing and the were-rats return to their true nature.

A snow covered continent, home of a vicious race of furry humanoids known as Moghoks.

Barkar is the name of both the continent and the main city, where countless of Gladiator games are being arranged. People live for the games, bet on fighters and practically worship the Gladiators

This world is home to Araneas who worship Arachne Prime.

Pirate World
This continent has no other name than Pirate World. It is home to terrible pirates who are the scourges of all the islands of the Engloutis Archipelago. The pirates use flying carpets to travel between the islands and their leaders use Wyverns as mounts. They generally stay away from Arkasia, but show no mercy on Arkasians who leave their home world. The Engloutis Pirates dress in bright clothes and often wear Mohawks dyed in different colours.

An ice covered world said to contain an artifact which opens portals to many different locations in the Hollow World. As it is made from Immortal magic, it is not affected by the Spell of Preservation which normally does not allow portals and similar magic.

Notes: The above is an adaptation for the Hollow World setting of the French Proto-Manga cartoon show known as Les Mondes Engloutis / Spartakus and the World Beneath the Sea. I have taken liberties with the show to make it fit better with the Hollow World / Mystara setting. Many of the names have also been changed.

Some inspirational music from the show that will help set the mood when adventuring in the Engloutis Archipelago: