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Epic Hero prestige class

by Jesper Andersen

I need to come up with a Prestige Class for Wulfgar, a barbarian character in my gaming group. Wulfgar is from Ostland and his player, Mikael, and I have been talking about constructing an Epic Hero prestige class, which captures the essence of what a northman hero should be like.

What follows is just my preliminary brainstorm and I would really appreciate comments on this.


The Epic Hero is the traditional northman hero of the sagas. He is a skilled sailor, a fearless explorer, a proud warrior, a skilled general, a hunter of giants and linorms and a slayer of trolls and goblins.

Hit Dice: d10
BAB: As fighter
Saves: Advances as fighter I guess

Minimum +8 base attack bonus
Leadership feat
Profession (sailor) 4 ranks

Advancement bonuses:
Level 1: "Roll with the blows"
Level 2: "Sea Legs"
Level 3: Leadership bonus +1
Level 4: "Deadly skill"
Level 5: "Inspire Courage"
Level 6: Leadership +2
Level 7: "Smell an ambush"
Level 8: Leadership +3
Level 9: "Valiant finale"
Level 10: "Inspire Rage"

Bonus explanations:

"Roll with the blows"
If the Epic Hero succeeds a Reflex Save (DC 18) he can roll with the blow when hit by a creature of large size or greater. If he rolls with the blow he only takes half damage from the hit taken. A Tumbling skill check (DC 18) is required to get up again without spending a move equivalent action (i.e. to be able to make a full attack in the Epic Hero's next initiative).

"Sea Legs"
A feat from the Frostburn supplement. Grants +2 to tumble and balance skills checks and +1 to initiative when onboard a ship.

"Deadly Skill"
Once per day, for a number of rounds equal to his PrC level, the Epic Hero doubles his threat range for inflicting critical hits in melee.

"Inspire Courage"
By reciting poetry or giving an inspiring speech (Perform Skill check DC 15) the Epic Hero can grant followers and allies within visible and audible range a +2 morale bonus against charm and fear effects and a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Inspiring courage is a full round action and the effect lasts for 5 rounds + the Epic Hero's charisma modifier.

"Smell an ambush"
The Epic Hero develops a keen sense of betrayal and can smell an ambush. He gets a +2 to Sense Motive skill checks and a +3 bonus to Listen, Spot and Scent checks when hidden, ethereal or invisible enemies are near.

"Valiant Finale"
The Epic Hero is capable of keeping on fighting to the bitter end and die a glorious death, the bodies of his enemies strewn about him. He doesn't stop fighting until he reaches -10 Hit points at which time he drops dead.

"Inspire Rage"
Works like the "Inspire Courage" ability but grants followers and allies a +2 bonus to morale checks against fear and charm and a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls for 10 rounds + the Epic Hero's charisma modifier.