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On the lands of Erewan part 1

by Hausman Santos and Leandro Abrahão from Threshold Magazine issue 23

(Based on Extensive Erewan Work produced by Harri Mäki, Micky & Robin)

Author’s Note

This article includes expanded details of Erewan and elvish families and additional information beyond what was presented in the beautiful work produced by Micky and Robin in the Glantri Expansion project. It uses the heraldry structure proposed by John Calvin for Erewan1, but expands the description of the houses and families of the Erewan clan (Ellerovyn being its main house).

This article also uses some additional contributions from Leandro Abrahão; a friend, Mystara enthusiast (who has helped me a lot in the Mystara Brazilian group "Mystara De Hausman" on Facebook here in Brazil) and player member of my gaming group campaign since 2004. We both discussed the structure and meanings of each heraldic symbol together, and Leandro was responsible for the execution of the graphic part of heraldry and coats of arms of the families and houses.The additional illustrations (like Ellerovyn) were made by me and NPC artwork was by Rafael Ramos.

Spoiler Alert

This article is primarily intended for the Dungeon Master. We present here the detailed information between NPCs, lands, plotline, thoughts and courses of action, and how they can be developed in gaming sessions.
Players interested in discovering the truth of such events will be at risk of losing all of the surprise and flavor of the intrigue by reading the secrets and details described here (of course the DM is free to make their personal changes
and modifications).


This expansion that I have written - using works already developed for Erewan (by Micky and Robin) - which features elven houses, NPCs and local descriptions - comes with careful observation and years of game sessions. I personally have a game group playing in Erewan and I have made a lot of use of the material presented here - it closely follows the canon settings (both GAZ3: The Principalities of Glantri and the boxed set Glantri: Kingdom of Magic) but its main focus from the outset was to align the material developed by the game group in Erewan with the plot line development in the Mystaran Almanac.
In this article,
we will look at general campaign lines; they will be discussed after a general explanation of additional hooks, notes and plots for use by the DM in his personal campaign.

Erewan History

Before going into the description of the Erewan lands, an explanation of their history is necessary; it would be very extensive for the article to include all the detailed history - as previously presented by Harri Mäki in History of Clan Ellerovyn2”. Below is a summary of the main events of the Erewan elves. The part described as Recent History is a fragment of the text developed by Micky in his description of Erewan3 which can be found in the Vault of Pandius and The Piazza Mystara subforum.

Timeline Summary

AC 700: Old King Celedryl had died in Alfheim. There were two prominent contenders for the throne: Doriath and Charan, both former advisors of King Celedryl and both from the Erewan clan. Doriath was looked on more favorably because of his neutral attitude to the different clans. The result was a defeat for Charan.

AC 703: Charan and his closest friends and relatives stayed in the area of Corunglain in Darokin for over 2 years before they made their first attempt to cross the Silver Sierras.

AC 709: The Erewan elves arrived in the forests of the Belcadiz elves in the winter.

AC 712: The alliance between the two elven clans was sealed when Don Miguel's younger son, Don Fernando, married Charan's younger sister, Charlena.

AC 754: the Tower of Ellerovyn was built and completed

AC 756: Charan at last announced his marriage to his distant cousin, Meralia. They had already been courting for over one hundred years and some elder relatives had already begun to worry if they would ever marry.

AC 766: Construction of the town of Erendyl soon followed and was completed.

AC 793: Charan’s son, Celedrin was born.

AC 806: Dwarven troops fighting at Halzunthram's side. Don Fernando's personal appeal to Charan fir help.

AC 808: Charan and the Erewan elves join the war. Charan still kept his troops out of the major battles and concentrated only on defending the Erewan areas.

AC 869: Doña Charlena died in an orc ambush.

AC 875: Charan begin to lobby for another elven Principality for the Erewan elves.

AC 884: Charan Erewan becomes a member of the ruling Council of Princes.

AC 957: Prince Charan continued to be Chamberlain until the sudden disappearance of the Grand Master, Johann von Drachenfels. Charan is then chosen to be Grand Master because there is no better alternative.

AC 973: At the age of 431, Prince Charan Erewan had disappeared, like his predecessor, Johann von Drachenfels. Celedrin was 180-years old when he followed his father as Prince of Erewan.

AC 978: The five years that Celedrin was Viceroy of Ylourgne run fast enough for an elf, and then he was chosen as the new Chamberlain after Georg von Drachenfels.

AC 983: Humanoid raiders killed Celedrin at the early age of 190 years. Celedrin's successor was his 172 year-old wife Carlotina.

AC: 1000: The two children of Celedrin and Carlotina were still too young to become Prince. Carlotina was chosen to continue her husband's duties as Chamberlain and she is still present petitioning the Princes to defend the woods of Glantri and the borders from the humanoid raiders.

Recent History4

In AC 1004, with the beginning of the Great War, the intercontinental, multi-national war between Glantri and Alphatia and their allies, life forever changed in Erewan.

Thar’s Invasion of Glantri in Yarthmont AC 1007 was kept away from Erewan but did not leave Erewan unscathed. Strong humanoid forces were detailed to raid Erewan and keep the elves from intervening in the sacking of Blackhill and the later drive on Glantri City. Massive raids into Erewan continued for nearly a year while Thar’s legions occupied Glantrian soil. Many elves lost their lives defending their homes and the southern hills of Erewan were considered a no-man’s land other than the defensive bastion of Ellerovyn. Thar’s defeat at Glantri City and his withdraw back into the Broken Lands did ease the numbers and strength of the raids into Erewan but did not stop them. Erewan, however, was left to handle the raids on its own, even after Thar’s retreat, for the situation far to the east had worsened and it grew more and more likely that Alphatian forces would soon be on the continent and heading towards Glantri. Erewan was not spared the effects of the Great Plague sweeping Glantri which made defending against the continued raids, even if weaker and rarer, still very difficult as Erewan was estimated to have lost 20% of its population to the plague. The plague combined with losses in the war due to the raids left Erewan with a substantially reduced population by the time the war ended when Alphatia sank.

The end of the Great War, however, was not the end of the suffering for Erewan. Thar continued to launch strong raids and attacks into Erewan well into AC 1010 which took its toll in lives and property. Carlotina was repeatedly frustrated with the unwillingness of the Council to help with the defense of Erewan and proposed measures to help raise troops were voted down. Some Erewan elves finally had enough of the continuous fighting and the lack of sympathy and help from the rest of Glantri and several hundred elves left Glantri for good. Carlotina herself watched with amazement as the Council actually took seriously the petitions of the Kobold leader Kol IV, who replaced Thar after a short civil war as head of the Humanoids of the Broken Land, to become a Prince of Glantri. The measure in late AC 1010 was only narrowly defeated but a caveat was given to Kol that if he could reign in the humanoids and end the state of war between Glantri and the humanoids, keeping his hordes from invading Glantri and Erewan the Council would consider the issue in AC 1011. Over the course of AC 1011 Kol managed to do just that and for the first time in many years Erewan knew peace though they remained distrustful and ever vigilant against further raids into Erewan. On Kaldmont 21 a new Humanoid principality was established and Kol IV became a Prince of Glantri in spite of the opposition of the Erewan elves. In the years that followed Erewan did finally know peace and the threat of humanoid raids slowly receded in the back of Erewan’s collective mind. Finally Erewan was able to start rebuilding and adjusting to the new politics of post-war, post-plague Glantri.

Erewan Descripction

General Overview

Area: 1,260 square miles
Population: AC 1000 - 26,584 ; AC 1014 - 22,596

As Erewan is elven based it has a lot of affection for trees and the canon map in the Gazetteer reflected that. However, there was not the diversity that the Gazetteer displayed, as such, with the relaying of the rivers, and the use of the area, this is now better.., at least I think.
The Elves
of Erewan are great bowyers and fletchers. Their production is limited, but of excellent quality. They produce rare woods, which they sell sculpted at the client’s request, and herbs of a great variety. Erewan art, in all its forms (Poetry, Sculpting, Painting, Music, etc) is the finest in Glantri, and Erewan has the highest literacy level in Glantri. Many scribes and translators live in Erendyl, where paper factories thrive. The Elven scholars are among the best in the land. These Elves produce much beeswax and honey, a large quantity of which is sold to the capital. They are also excellent horse trainers. Traditionally the best and fastest light horses come from Erewan.


Erewan produces enough foodstuffs for its own population. Small farms along the Red and Vesubian Rivers run by human immigrants to the principality help provide the necessary food for the human residents of Erewan. The forests of Erewan, which are by decree only open to settlement by elves, provide all the food the elves need. The primary exports of Erewan are rare woods cultivated by the elves as well as sculpted rare woods carved to the client’s specific requests by elven craftsmen. Erewan is also famous for its horses, especially the Erewanian Thoroughbred. Even though the Palatinsk Tersk, and Bramyran Mori claim to rival the Erewan horse, nearly all equestrian experts claim the best overall Glantrian horse breed is the Erewan Thoroughbred which is considered to be the one with most stamina, the fastest over distance, the most intelligent, and the best trained. The elves of Erewan are also considered to be the greatest bowyers and fletchers in Glantri and have been the exclusive supplier of bows and arrows to the Grand Army of Glantri since AC 865. Erewan is also a leading producer of paper, as well as beeswax and honey.

Arts and Literature

Erewan elves are famous throughout Glantri for their skill in woodworking and especially their creations with rare valuable woods. Erewan is also famous for its poetry, paintings, and music. The most famous literature to come out of Erewan would be its historical works and biographies of famous historical figures. The greatest historians of Glantri are almost all Erewanian and over the centuries many works on important events, places and people have come from Erewan.


Erewan is obviously famous for its architecture that strives to blend in with the forests and is often constructed in or within the trees themselves. Tree homes of majestic beauty can found throughout the forests of Erewan. Suspended pathways connect homes in settlements, making ground access difficult and defense much easier.

Social Customs

Since their arrival in the Highlands, the Erewanian elves have remained aloof from humans. Erewan elves are often seen as haughty and arrogant by everyone outside of Erewan. Partially out of distrust and fear of the humans, partly out of an attempt to retain their unique culture. Intermarriage with humans and even Belcadiz elves is strongly frowned upon. Relations with the human Erewanian population are cordial and formal but rarely warm.

The Land

Ever since arriving in the region the elves have been working on converting the land between the Red and Vesubian rivers to one more to their liking. Four large forests exist today where none did upon the elves arrival here. A common method of payment for services rendered is the planting of trees where none stood before and though a map of Glantri shows a relatively clear area much of it is wooded and is estimated by leading elven treekeepers that forests will cover several more square miles of Erewanian land in the next hundred years.

[Image: Erewan hex map 1 mile]
Caption: This Erewan map of 1 mile per hex made jointly by Leandro and myself is based on the initial version made by Robin (available in the Vault of Pandius)

Forest and Woods:

Eryn Erewan (Erewan Woods) 
Eryn Erendyl (Erendyl Woods)
Eryn Canyatar (Canyatar woods)
Eryn Eruanna (Eruanna Forest)

Other Areas:

Parth Rohir (Horsefields)
Parth Ellerovyn (Ellerovyn Fields)
Parth Qenildor (Qenildor fields)
Amon Erewan (Erewan Hills)
Gryphon Hills (Amon Thoronraw )

Towns & Villages

(population values in brackets are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014) 

Alassëatya: (634/565) is a large settlement in the woods southeast of Erendyl on the Vesubian River. Alassëatya is representative of the wooded settlements in Erewan and like all major woodland settlements in Erewan is off-limits to humans unless granted permission to enter. Trespassing in elven woodlands is considered a Felony in Erewan. Punishable by one week forced labor under the supervision of Erewan’s Foresty Department maintaining, caring for, and planting new trees. Alassëatya is 70% elven and 30% woodland creatures such as Centaurs, Pixies and Sprites. The town itself is built entirely into and within the trees of the forest and serves as primarily a social and bartering location for the scattered residents of the woodland areas.

Bethysyll: Altitude 4450’ (142/85) Reed/Thatching/Fruit village (falls under the same rules as Alassëatya

Canyatar:Altitude 4700’ (818/ 756) is an Elven Forest village in the woods northwest of Ellerovyn.

Eruanna: Altitude 4450’ (510/45) Specializes in Crystal understanding, use and harvesting. It is a village in the woods east of Ellerovyn, along the border with the Broken Lands. It was a large village until humanoids burned it down recently. The inhabitants are trying to recover now.

Galadyl5: Altitude 4550’ (90/75) Reed/Thatching/Fisher village. A village along the Red River in Glantri (halfway between Mylissis and Norielann).

Kaztaryl: Altitude 4585’ (121/99). Reed/Thatching/Horse-breeding village

Merimyll; Altitude 4500’ (155/130) Reed/Thatching/Fisher village

Norielann: Altitude 4655’ (100/90) is a small village profiting from the nearby Canyatar Woods, the farmlands and the main Trail from Nyra to Blackhill and Caurenze.

Olde Erendyll: Altitude 4450’ (5/5) Ruined Elven village created in 701 AC, but the population was too large for the small tree village. Abandoned in stages between 715 AC and 725 AC and the former inhabitants relocated elsewhere (mainly Erendyl). Now a wooden ruin, overgrown by nature. Some Elven witches live now here.

Qenildor: Altitude 4425’ (233/185) Elven Farmlands

Talynnyn: Altitude 4375’ (243/84)Elven farmlands, some fishing and reed thatching near the Vesubian Dikes blocking the Returning River.

Thendainsamen: Altitude 4500’ (212/198) Reed/Thatching/Horsebreeding village, which also trades Crystals from the Wente Din.

Water & Rivers

The Olde Vezubian (Celon Vezubian)
This 125’ wide mud ditch was the old Vesubian River before the Erewan Elves redirected the river to enlarge fertile areas, and improve the flow/depth of the river. The course of this river has been altered by using the principle of Darokinian river dikes (in summer low dikes to keep the course of the river as desired and the higher
winter dikes to prevent flooding) forming the current Vesubian River.The Old Vezubian River, slowly dried up to a much decreased volume and is now only sustained by several creeks.The Olde Vezubian River has reed covered shores and reed roofed houses are common along this river, in the city and beyond.

Vesubian River (Celon Vesubian)
The 400’ wide Vesubian River is navigable to river traffic from Glantri City to Trintan and sees heavy ship and boat traffic, especially in the winter months, moving trade and goods to and from Glantri City from the warehouses of Trintan.The elves of Erewan, have altered the course of this river
as described under the Olde Vezubian above.. Like the original, the new Vesubian River has reed covered shores and as such reed roofed houses are common along this river, in the city and beyond.

Olde Red River (Celon Caraniaur)
This 50’wide muddy ditch was the old Red River before the Erewan Elves redirected
it to enlarge fertile areas, and improve the flow/depth of the river.The Olde Red River has reed covered shores and as such reed roofed houses are common along this river, in the city and beyond
The Elves of Erewan, have altered the course of this river by using the principle of Darokinian river dikes
as they have done with the Olde Vezubian above. Like the Vezubian, the original river dried up and is now only served by a few creeks.

Red River (Celon Caran)
The 200-430 feet wide Red river is navigable along its whole length along the northern edge of Erewan. The elves of Erewan, have altered the course of this river by using the principle of Darokinian river dikes to form the Current Red River in the same way the have managed the Vezubian River..
like the Vezubian, the Red River has reed covered shores and reed roofed houses are common along this river, in the city and beyond.

Both the Red and the Vesubian Rivers are navigable along their lengths along the edges of Erewan and are heavily used for commerce and transportation.

Entulessë O’Celon (Returning River)
This very slow flowing river was the old Vesubian River before 1700BC, when the Broken Lands were created and the
water flow was reversed due to the rising of the Yak’s Spur and Orcus Rex Region.

Celon Vartana-drogwed (Servitor River) (Servile service)
This is the old river formed by the Servitor Creek (amongst others) and is the main (defensive) border to Orcus Rex. The high rocky walls on the Orcish side make
orcs into practice targets for archers if they try to climb up or down or cross the 300 feet wide river.

Wente Dîn (Silent Creek) From Amon Erewan to The Olde Red River.
Wente Erewan (Erewan Creek) From Amon Erewan to The Olde Red River.
Wente Silimā (Crystaline Creek) From Amon Erewan to Wente Qenildor
Wente Silimā Erewan (Erewan Crystaline creek) From Amon Erewan to Celon Vartana-drogwed.
Wente Thoronraw (Griffon Creek) From Amon Erewan to Celon Vartana-drogwed.
Ellerovyn creek (Wente Ellerovyn) From Ellerovyn (Griffon Hills) to Huledain River
Wente Qenildor (Qenildor Creek) From Wente Silimā to the Olde Vezubian River.
Wente Perfanyll (Perfanyll creek) From Griffon Hills to Huledain River
Wente Eruanna (Eruanna creek) From Amon Erewan to Celon Vartana-drogwed.

Lake Wromm (Ael Ces = Question Lake) .
A lake which
was created in a single night with a tremendous roar. It is suggested that a lower cave collapsed due the water erosion on top, which rapidly filled the cave. Now it is a 2 mile long, almost 1 mile wide and more than 330 feet deep dark and cold lake. The lake got its typical name from the humanoids and the elves questioning how it came to be and what it holds within. A snake-like creature is mentioned; the humanoids say it can fly and is dark green, darker than a green dragon, the elves think it is a green dragon6

Roads & Trails

An important trail runs between Erendyl and Mylissis in the Southern Hills Free Province. It is rated a good quality trail by the Glantrian Roads Association7 (GRA) and is heavily traveled as well as taxed. Nearly all land traffic between central and southwestern Glantri uses this road and it is a vital military and commercial link between the Capital and the Principalities of Caurenze and Blackhill. A fair trail connects Erendyl and Ellerovyn and a poor quality trail connects Ellerovyn and Soth-Kabree.

Merimyll Bridge; 8 horses abreast wooden bridge 0.9 mile length. Direct Trail to Merimyll, taxed at 1 sp/wheel-leg
Erendyll Bridge; 12 horses abreast wooden bridge 1.1 mile length. Direct Trail to Erendyll, taxed at 1 sp/wheel-leg

Notable Sites:


Altitude 4500’ (pop.4800/4100)9

Erendyl was founded in AC 715 and was considered to be inspired by the layout of Alfheim Town. The town is predominantly human with a small population of elves who handle much of Erewan’s financial and commercial interests. Erendyl lies on the main trade routes, by both land and water, to the southwest quarter of Glantri and has a thriving economy. Your first impression of Erendyl is formed as you first approach and see the town is protected by a 10 ft. high wall. However, this is no ordinary wall but one befitting of protecting a town in an elf dominion. The wall is not of stone but of earth. Not simply an earthen wall, but one adorned in ivy. The wall is known as Wrigley’s Field in honor of the Thyatian poet who wrote of its beauty over a century ago. However, unknown to all but a few long lived elves, the wall is no is actually an earthen shell over multiple applications of the Steelform spell made permanent. The town has three human outer districts around a central Elven district.

Erendyl owes its fame to its unique dual human/elven architecture. Human buildings of stone coexist with large elven Home Trees. Several smaller yet still very large Sentinel Trees tower above the human quarters, providing additional living space for the elves and also serve as defensive towers and platforms for elven archers. The town is famous for being the primary outlet for elven crafts. While many finely crafted elven products can be found at the Capital, the highest quality workmanship and the lowest prices on them are found in Erendyl. 

While the elven architecture is much admired
, what really gives the town its unique flavor is the Belcadizian quarter. The Belcadiz have lived here for a long time and have put their unique cultural imprint on the town. The Historic District is a favorite of many and houses a number of mansions sitting right on the Vesubian River. The mansions were once the homes of the ruling and leading families of the Belcadiz and have since been sold to non-noble (but still very wealthy) families. Plaza de Ciebeles is the center of culture in Erendyl. It is opposite a one time Belcadizian Cathedral which has been turned into a concert hall that regularly hosts concerts by the leading Erewanian musicians as well as occasionally hosting the greatest of Glantrian musicians.

[Image: Erendyl City]

Map key: 1 - Commercial Quarter, 2 - Thyatin Quarter, 3 - Belcadizian Quarter, 4 - Elven Quarter, 5 - Elven businesses, 6 - Council Tree, 7 - Sentinel Trees, 8 - Historic Belcadizian District, 9 - Warehouse District, 10 - Entertainment District, 11 - Market Quarter, 12 - Erendyl Administration Building, 13 - Erewan Bridge, 14 - Plaza de Ciebeles.


Altitude 4500’ (pop.472/553)
Ellerovyn is the home of the ruling
 Erewan family since their arrival in the Highlands. Ellerovyn is a unique elven settlement in that it was (for reasons NO ONE today knows) founded in the sparsely wooded, barren hills of Erewan only a short distance from the desolated, and humanoid infested region of the Broken Lands. Unlike the vast majority of known elven settlements, Ellerovyn is a traditional stone, ground based settlement with a stout stone protective wall.

[Image: Tower of Princess]

Map key: 1 - Great Chamber of Dome; 2 - Starlight Dome Cell; 3 - Cardinal Gates; 4 - Tower of the Way; 5 - Tower of Healing; 6 - Tower of Knowledge; 7 - Tower of Word.

The few trees in the area have been cultivated over the centuries to become Home Trees that serve as the residences of the ruling Erewan family. Due to the proximity of the Broken Lands and the constant threat of raids. the town has a large standing guard and every elf capable of defense is considered to be eligible for the Erewan Militia in times of need.

Tower of Princess Places10

Cardinal Gates

Each of the four access portals represent the cardinal points and align the tower exactly to the directions of the rose of the winds. This structure was conceived to enable the correct positioning of the crystal dome in the center, where the main elvish constellations are described.

Great Chamber of Dome

In this hall, the princess attends the main audiences and meetings with her guests and clanholders. Her seat is on a marble platform with branches and carved adornments in the shape of trees - its front faces towards the southern portal; from where visitors arrive (entering through the Arch of Heaven).

Starlight Dome Cell

This Great Chamber dome cell is built on its central point with glass and crystal - it has a rounded shape. In it are described the main stellar constellations of elven culture (from which comes the tradition of the rainbow path),

Tower of the Way

The teachings and records that aid elves in the choices of their traditional ways (forest path, wanderer´s path and leader's path11) are gathered here in tomes, books and scrolls. This place can be used for studies and the instruction of young elves in the choice of their ways.

Tower of Healing

This venue serves as a hall of healing, critical care and special care - or even magical. The equipment consists of special herbs, solutions of oils and ointments as well as magical objects aimed at healing.

Tower of Knowledge

This is a special library of the ruling Erewan family for research and knowledge in the various fields: botany, legends and myths, elven history, genealogies, and diverse knowledge of elven culture. A small part of the library has books for research on the magical tradition12 of elves and arcane studies.

Tower of Word

This place has a more reserved magical collection - where is studied the works of Cryptomancy of which the Oracles of the clan and the Princess Carlotina form part. Some magical protections in the chamber are part of the incantations here. Access is not allowed to non-members of Secret Craft.

Guard & Troops

Prince Carlotina employs a strong personal guard force to protect her home and family in Ellerovyn, as it is close to the border with the Broken Lands. She maintains an elite guard force of 25 E7 guards led by an E9 Captain of the Guard (Valemyr Anduerin).

[Image: Ellerovyn]

Map key: 1 - Aerodrome ; 2 - Atalaia´s Tower; 3 - Arch-Heaven (Barbican); 4 - Amphitheatre; 5 - Bastion & Citadel; 6 - Gardens of History; 7 - High Garden ; 8 - Household Guests; 9 - Magician House; 10 - Observatory; 11 - Stables ; 12 - Treelight Sanctuary; 13 - Tower of Princess.

Places of Ellerovyn


In this section of the stables there is a landing tower where the air cavalry can both quickly leave in flight and return to the care of the equerry and stable boys.

Atalaia´s Tower

This is the highest point of the guards tower when they are on watch in the building home residence of the ruling family. It also has other utilities such as personal armory of Erewan family.

Arch-Heaven (Barbican)

This is the only Access to Ellerovyn entry. It is made up of a barbican and towergate with access by a promenade (bridge). This place has quick access to the citadel in the eventthat reinforcements of elven troops are needed.


On commemorative dates of the Elvish calendar, collective celebrations and theatrical performances, this space is suitably adorned for a semicircular crowd of spectators / listeners.

Bastion & Citadel

The rest of the troops are accommodated here; not only Ellerovyn's guard, but occasionally elven units in transit (8th or 15th divisions) and need some rest. The captain of the guard is Lord Valemyr Anduerin (E9). There is a tower attached to the building containing an armory and a small dungeon on its lower level.

Gardens of History

This remarkable garden has beautiful flowers and is adorned with sculptures of the Erewan Elvish art. It was planned to recount the history of the elves from the days of Charan to the present day for the visitor who walks by it.

Hometree High Garden

This is the home of the ruling Erewan family. It is a construction made on ground based settlement (consisting of double main door, a room and hall for reception of visitors with a stout stone wall for protection of the Home Tree serving residences); at the highest levels,there is a suspended garden reserved only for the ruling family.

Household & Guests

This place accommodates court servants and guests from afar to deal with matters at Ellerovyn in audiences or consultations with the Oracles (in this case, only elves). In this place are also the steward's quarters and spokeman of the princess Carlotina - Lord Thelderin Denoreah (E6).

Magician House

Lord Maeglin Ilistyl (EW10) has served Ellerovyn's court as chief magician for magical research affairs and consultation. He has a space reserved for his laboratory, researching items and components plus a personal library.


For the elves, the constellations and stars have an important relationship with theirhistory and magic (like the legendary rainbow path). This place is dedicated to study and celestial research 13.


In this place Qenil Naramis (E4) is equerry and master of stable boys and administers, with his auxiliaries, all the horses allocated in Ellerovyn. A special wing serves as stables of the Aerodrome (for griffins and pegasi).

Treelight Sanctuary

This circular shrine houses the Ellerovyn / Erewan Tree of Life (a direct daughter of the Tree of Life of the Erendyl). In this space two Treekeepers - Angalomë (E5) and Eloniel (E8) - adopted14 by Ethena House, care for and assist Lady Eleesea the High Treekeeper (who is currently weakened by a magical disease that limits much of her daily actions).

Tower of Princess

Described earlier, this space serves as the Princess's audience hall and for summit meetings with its clanholders and other visitors.

The Noble Line of Ellerovyn [Sidebars]

Charan Erewan b. 542 d. 973

Celedrin Erewan, son of Charan and Meralia Erewan. b. 793 d. 983

Carlotina Erewan, wife of Celedrin Erewan, daughter of Eleesea Erewan. b. 811

Qenildor Erewan, son of Celedrin and Carlotina. b. 911


Carlotina´s 8th Division15

Division Commander - 8th and 15th Divisions: Princess Carlotina Erewan (EW1016 Cryptomancer 5th)

Deputy Commander - 8th Div: Sire Qenildor Erewan (EL10 Attack Rank D),15th Div: Seledyl Nyraviel (EL10 Attack Rank D)

Brigadiers - 8th Div: Danelian Anduerin(EL10 Attack Rank D), 15th Div: Swiftsword Anduerin (EL10 Attack Rank D)

Head Mages - 8th Div: Lady Eleesea Erewan17 (EW10 Rune Master18 3th), 15th Div: Lady Norelia (EW10 Rune Master 4th)

Knight- Rafael Garcia (F15)

BR: 159

Fighting troops: 860

Total (including officers, aids and logistics banner): 950

Headquarters: Erendyl

Peacetime Deployment - there has not been peace for Erewan and for its divisions since the beginning of the Great War.

The 8th Division is 100% mounted, a small percentage are on flying mounts. Troops of Deca status and up have magical items, as well as special units (about 25%). The 8th Division is entirely made up of Erewan elves. They are highly skilled, motivated in defending their homeland, and very experienced as the result of years of near continuous wars with the humanoids.

1st Banner ('Aliana's Pride'): 70 elite airborne cavalry (E4) with lances, long swords+1, shields and chain mails+1 on pegasi; 50 elite airborne knights (E5) equipment same as above on griffons; 8 sergeants (E6), 2 Lieutenants (E8) 1 captain (E10) sergeants and Lieutenants on pegasus. The captain is mounted on a Griffon.

After Lady Aliana Nyraviel's death, Princess Carlotina took over and became the sponsor of Nyraviel's knights. She intended to keep them as her own private force, , but the events of the war changed that and she made them a regular part of her divisions, and the Grand Army of Glantri. The first Banner is considered very elite and are all experienced combat veterans. Along with Jaggar's ‘Blitzkrieg Battalion’, it is considered one of the best individual combat units in the Glantrian army.

2nd Banner ('Red Arrowheads'): 240 archers (E3) long bows, short swords, daggers, leather armor; 8 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 captain (E8). All mounted on riding horses.

3rd Banner ('Night Riders') : 240 light cavalry (E3) lances, long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 8 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 Captain (E8). All mounted on warhorses.

4th Banner ('Orc slayers'): 240 mounted infantry (E3) long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 4 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 captain (E8). All mounted on riding horses.

Carlotina´s 15th Division

This was one of the first reservist divisions called up in AC 1004 when war was declared between Glantri and Alphatia.

1st Banner (‘Carlotina’s Pride’): 120 mage-warriors (E4), 4 sergeants (E6), 2 Lieutenants (E8) 1 captain (E10). All mounted on pegasi19.

2nd Banner (‘Black Arrowheads’): 240 archers (E3) longbows, short swords, daggers, leather armor; 8 sergeants (E4), 2 Lieutenants (E6), 1 captain (E8). All mounted on riding horses.

3rd Banner ('Thar’s Bane’): 240 light cavalry (F2) lances, long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 8 sergeants (F3), 2 Lieutenants (F5), 1 Captain (F8). All mounted on warhorses.

4th Banner (‘Blacks’): 240 mounted infantry (F2) long swords, daggers, shields, leather armor; 4 sergeants (F3), 2 Lieutenants (F6), 1 captain (F9). All mounted on riding horses.

End of Part 1, this article will continue in Threshold issue #24 with full descriptions and heraldry of Erewan’s NPCs.


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17After the attack that sickened Eleesea, Bethys takes its place like Headmage of the 8th Division.

18Since Lady Eleesea has been magically ill (since the Great War) she has not progressed or dedicated much to advanced in Cryptomancy; So, unlike her sisters, she has remained in the 3rd circle.

19This Banner was adapted to the standard of the Glantri army; the first units are made up of aerial cavalry