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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Erikai was born 20 years ago to an honoured clan among the Yakka. She showed promise from an early age, and was trained as a bratak. She quickly rose in the ranks there, establishing a fine alter ego in Rhoona, and accomplishing quite a bit for the Khanates. Unfortunately, she was taken away by an evil spirit at age 19 - while she was eventually rescued by some brave associates, she has been scarred by the memory ever since.
Her family and the brataks still hold out hope for her, but whether that hope will be realised is unknown.
Personality: Before her traumatic experience, she was a very loyal follower of the Khan, a hard worker seeking the best for her nation and its ruler. She had a lighter side as well, willing to play pranks on others and have some fun, hardly being merely an efficient spy and follower. She doesn't bear as much hatred for the Taijits as others of her tribe, but is very willing to disrupt their lives, if given the opportunity - this facet of her personality does remain from before, as evident as ever. She still would do nothing consciously to harm the country, but she doesn't think through acts as before, acting more impulsively. She's far more hesitant to put herself into dangerous situations, and fear has entered her life - whereas she was once calm and collected, she now is somewhat paranoid. Erikai does not give much thought to the future, or even the present, as her mind is still in the past. Her only hope right now is to find someone who can help cure her or to teach her to ward off evil spirits in the future.
Appearance: Erikai stood 5'0" and is 105# - she was fairly normal looking, by Ethengari standards, but as a bratak, she was trained in the arts of disguise and could make herself appear as an elderly hag or a seductive maiden, should it further her goals. Since her trip to the spirit world, she has lost about 15 pounds and is getting quite scrawny. She pays less attention to her appearance and is thus more and more dishevelled, giving her a bit of a "wild" look. She also does not don disguises at the present time, as she does not see herself as fit to do bratak work - nor do the brataks see her as currently fit. Her most common disguise was "Karina", a merchant in Rhoona who dealt in horses. She would use powders to make her skin the colour of a Northlander, and spoke the tongue of the land without the hint of a foreign accent. Few have yet noticed that Karina has been absent for the past year from the market, but it may be a bit difficult for Erikai to re-establish this personality should she recover her mental health.
Combat Notes: She is a 4th-level bratak. AC 7 (Leather); hp 9; at 1; D 1d6 (spear) or 1d6 (+2 to hit, Motaki arrow, skilled with bow) or 1d8+2 (Takadi arrow, skilled with bow), save T4 ; ML 7 [was 10]; Al N; S 10, I 6, W 12, D 12, Co 12, Ch 13 [15 among Ethengari]. General Skills: Equestrian [D, +2 due to superior horse], Disguise (I +1), Persuasion (Ch), Animal Husbandry (12), Fire Building (12), Navigation (12), Steppe Survival (12), Drive Cart (12), Yurt Building (12), Make Equipment (12), Dance (12), Sing (Ch), horse archer, thief abilities, aiming.
Other eqp: Standard bratak equipment.