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Earth Elemaster

by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of all Elemental creatures of Earth
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 32nd (Hierarch), N, Matter
Symbol: a brown circle
Portfolio: Protecting the Elemental Plane of Earth and earthbound creatures
Worshipped in: Elemental Plane of Earth and some outer planes
Appearance: a colossal androgynous humanoid (around 20' tall) made of earth, rocks and stone
History: the current Earth Elemaster is an elemental that found the way to become immortal in the dawn of times, asserting his rule over the Elemental Plane of Air to grant balance and stability inside that plane. Nobody knows whether he was sponsored by another immortal or not (and he is not telling anybody), not even the ancient immortals can testify it, although they assert he's been holding this position as far as they remember. Aside from his home plane and a few outer planes aligned with Matter and filled with airborne creatures, he does not care about the existence of other creatures or other planes of existence, and for this reason his cult is not present on Mystara.
Personality: Like all Elemasters, he is a Neutral being that rules his subjects leaving them a great degree of freedom. He leaves the day-to-day administration of the various regions of the Elemental worlds to the many nobles in his court, which has a pyramid-like organisation, and he prefers to concentrate on the extraplanar relationships with other immortals and Elemasters. He tolerates the infighting and the occasional intraplanar wars among its nobles since it's useful to limit the power of the most powerful nobles, as long as this does not threaten the overall stability of the plane. For this reason he alternates long periods of silence to periods of constant edicts and iron fist policy. As much as all other elemasters, he does not like to share his position with power-hungry nobles and for this reason he hinders any possible attempt at challenging his rule over the Plane of Earth. This paranoia goes up to the point of preventing any of his subjects to discover the path to immortality and become immortal, for fear of being replaced (since he knows there can be only one Elemaster for each element to maintain balance in the Multiverse). The Earth Elemaster is biased by his own nature to be friendly with the immortals of the sphere of Matter, and opposes the Elemaster of Water because of the laws of elemental opposition. However, he does not like the ruling Hierarch of Matter, since Terra was once one of his subjects and he does not forgive her for surpassing him. He is afraid that Terra could one day assume power over his homeplane or sponsor the ascension of an elemental to replace him. In order to avoid an open feud between the Hierarch of Matter and the most powerful lord of elemental earth, Terra has acknowledged to never enter his homeplane and has instructed his own relative Land, whom she sponsored to immortality, to remain there serving under the Earth Elemaster. The Earth Elemaster has given Land the duty to protect the Plane of Earth from immortal intrusions and from invasions from other planes, but he keeps two open eyes to oversee his movements, not trusting him completely. In fact, he even went so far as sponsoring another earth elemental, Ground, to higher status, hoping the two would eventually come into conflict and annihilate one another. Unfortunately, his plan went awry when Ground was killed some years ago by a group of marauding high level mortals from the Prime. His only ally against Terra and Land now is N'grath, the Lord of Hordes, whom he sponsored to immortality millennia ago and has always obeyed his commands, albeit a bit coldly. In truth he does not know that even N'grath has plans of his own for the future of the Elemental Plane of Earth and is perhaps his most powerful enemy, a wolf in sheep's hide.
Patron: unknown [likely: none]
Allies: Land, Terra (although he distrusts them a bit)
Enemies: Water Elemaster, N'grath
Classic D&D Stats:
Followers' Alignment: Any
Favoured weapons: natural weapons (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics' skills and powers: +1 bonus to Constitution, +2 bonus to three general skills related to building or earth (not free)
D&D 3E Stats:
Domains: Matter, Earth, Strength, Protection, Fertility
Preferred weapon: natural weapons (smash)
Source: Immortal set