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Sink into Earth

by Robin

another spell discovered in Glantri...hinted by various sourced (adapted/adjusted from AD&D2 "Sink into Stone"spell)

Sink into Earth created by Earth Elementalist Gabbor de Tiozo of Glantri—892 AC
2nd level Transmutation spell
Range; 0
Duration; 8+1d8 rounds (+1round per Elementalist rank).Rolled by DM)
Area of Effect; Caster and about 1000cn encumbrance
Casting Time; 4
Saving Throw; none
This spell is in fact an adjusted version of Levitation. Sink into earth creates an energy field around the caster enabling him to sink into the ground. The layer of mineral dirt/sand/earth (packed or loose) and even mud, must be large enough to accommodate the body in all three dimensions. When the casting is complete, the caster and not more than 1000 cn/100Lbs (+100cn/10LBS per Intelligence adjustment) companion and gear may move into the earth at 10’ round similar like a Levitation spell but in either direction (not influenced by haste or slow magic). If either condition is violated, the spell fails and is wasted. The ground may have stones within, but these can’t be stones larger than 1’ in diameter’(the spell will still function, but passage is greatly hindered). While in the earth or sand, the caster remains in contact, however tenuous, with the surface and the area around him up to 1’ per level of the caster. The caster remains aware of the passage of time and can cast spells on him while hiding in the earth. The caster (and carried companion/familiar/etc) can breathe normally. Nothing that goes on outside can be seen, but the caster can still hear what happens 10 yards around him, although muffled. The spell’s energy field also move stones and roots smaller than 1’ found in his path 10' aside, but this reduces the movement speed by 1’/round for each 5' of ground with obstructions. Larger objects enforce the mage to cast a spell to remove/bypass the object manually, cast other spells or go around it.
Any time before the duration expires; the caster can step out of the earth through the surface that he entered or any open space. If the spell’s duration expires or the effect is dispelled before he voluntarily exits the earth, he is violently expelled by the shortest distance (DM) and dealt 4d8 points of damage. The following spells may have effect upon the caster if the caster falls within that spell’s’ range;: Stone to Flesh expels the person sinking by the shortest distance(DM) and deals 4d8 points of damage. Dig and Stone-shape deal 4d4 points of damage but does not expel the caster. Transmute Rock to Mud or fully entering a mud area; as the earth is saturated with water; he cannot breathe there, but can still move at 5'/round—he must hold his breath or immediately begin drowning as per Rules Cyclopedia page 90 on Drowning. A character who reaches the stage at which he is making Constitution rolls to keep from drowning, even if he is rescued and does not drown, is considered exhausted, and must rest 4 hours, while suffering a -2 penalty on AC, THAC0, Damage, and -1 on saves. Finally, Passwall expels the caster without damage. If the caster is partially outside the earth, that lowers the amount of damage by the same percentage. Earth elemental creatures can also harm the caster under influence of this spell as normally.
This spell can be placed inside an item (mostly a ring, chain or other gem-holding jewellery) and can be activated up to 3 times a day mostly, or be made permanent enabling the user to move through the earth indefinitely (such an item is valued at 20.000Dc or 150.000Dc respectively, weighing 25cn).
The passage created by this spell can be detected by a Detect Magic spell (revealing Elemental Transmutation magic), or by a Tracking Skill revealing existing tracks suddenly stopped, and if successful with 5 or more, a faint circular pattern on the location of the earth…as if every particle has been shifted somehow(which in fact the spell did).
A stone-brick wall will block passage of the caster, enforcing him to bypass this wall in another fashion.
and if entering an open space through the ceiling, the caster will fall as normal.