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Eruul Zaar

by Giampaolo Agosta

King of Heldun, Duke of Helskir
Ambyrmont 14th, AC 955 - Flaurmont 17th, AC 1016


955 AC Eruul Zaar is born in Helskir to the captain of a mercenary company.
976 AC

After his father's death, Eruul takes control of his company. Due to the temporary stall in the military operations of both Alphatia and Thyatis, most mercenary companies turn to banditry, and so do Zaar and his men.

977 AC Under Zaar's leadership, the company increases its numbers by "recruiting" former members of defeated bandit gangs and disbanded mercenary companies.
978 AC Eruul Zaar and his followers take control of the village of Helskir. Zaar starts a policy of attracting colonist with the promise of land and protection against the still too common brigands.
983 AC In the wake of a new campaign of expansion, the Alphatian Empire sends a garrison to Helskir. Zaar, knowing he cannot resist, let them settle in the town. However, he remains the town leader, and keeps control of the city guard.
983 AC Eruul Zaar starts the construction of larger harbour structures in Helskir.
985 AC Zaar's value as an organiser is recognised by the Alphatian government during the settlement of the Norwold colony as the village of Helskir is revealed as a valuable base for the Alphatian navy.
Anyway, Zaar's leadership is not officially acknowledged, for he is a mere commoner.
992 AC Helskir is declared part of the Kingdom of Norwold, under the rule of King Ericall. Eruul Zaar's pride is badly hurt, as he is not even considered by Ericall as a possible ruler for Helskir, a position that seems reserved for the King's half-brother Lernal.
992AC Before Ericall could even appoint a ruler for Helskir, two Thyatian Cohorts enter the village, which is declared part of the Thyatian Empire, under the jurisdiction of the military commander of Septentriona.
Zaar and his town guard support the new rulers, and Zaar is acknowledged as proagoros (mayor) of Helskir.
993 AC Displeased with the Thyatian rule, Eruul Zaar contacts the Alphatian military command at Dunadale, and asks for help in freeing the town from the Thyatian garrison. After the Thyatians are forced to surrender, Zaar's troop turn on the Alphatians. Helskir remain free from both Empires.
994 AC Helskir serves as the neutral meeting ground for the representatives of Alphatia and Thyatis, who discuss the future of the Norwold area. Emperors Thincol of Thyatis and Eriadna of Alphatia appear at the meeting, but are kidnapped by Alphaks. Even though they are later saved by adventurers, and the meeting end with a good success, the Thyatians take the opportunity to seize the town.
995 AC Alphatian troops lay siege to Helskir. As the town as no walls, the Thyatian garrison is forced to fight in the open fields outside the town, and is overpowered by the numerical superiority of the attackers.
999 AC As a strong Thyatian force is deployed around Helskir, the Alphatian garrison uses magical means to fortify the town. However, Ostlander navy prevents the Alphatian from receiving provisions and help, and the town falls, as Eruul Zaar betrays the Alphatians and lets the Thyatians in.
1000 AC Eruul Zaar, foreseeing the nearing wars, orders the construction of a wall to protect the town.
1001 AC The Alphatian military command on the Isle of Dawn dispatches a large magically supported army to retake Helskir. The Thyatian garrison of Helskir meets the enemy in the open ground. Surprisingly, the Alphatian magical troops do not enter the battle, and the Alphatian army is repelled, though casualties are enormous on both sides. Later, the few surviving Alphatian mages state that they have been victims of a surprise attack from bandits (actually, the Helskirian guard led by Eruul Zaar).

When the Thyatians return to Helskir, they are greeted by Zaar and his men, who declare the town independent from both Empires.

1002 AC The construction of the City Walls ends, allowing Helskir to keep its freedom for longer than it might be expected back in 1000 AC.
1005 AC As Glantri, Thyatis and the Heldannic Knights declare war on Alphatia, the Thyatian army in Westrourke crosses the border with Helskir and occupies the town, without opposition from Zaar.
1008 AC Eruul Zaar marries Asteriela Torion, and is declared King of Helskir by the Empress of Alphatia.
1009 AC Thyatis recognises Eruul and Asteriela as legitimate rulers of the Kingdom of Helskir.
1009 AC As the mainland of Alphatia is destroyed, Eruul Zaar declares the Kingdom of Helskir independent.
1012 AC Fearing that their kingdom could suffer even more damage at the hands of the Alphatian irregular armies, Eruul Zaar and Asteriela Torion agree to join the Empire of Thyatis, retaining the title of King and Queen.
1014 AC Eruul and Asteriela start secret diplomatic relations with the New Alphatian Confederated Empire.
1016 AC The Treaty of Helskir between the Empires guarantees the kingship of the Confederacy of Heldun to Eruul Zaar and his wife. However, the kingdom is to be member of both Empires, and a demilitarised region.
1016 AC King Eruul Zaar of Heldun is killed and eaten by trolls on Monster Island, now renamed IoNACE. The assassins are sent by Baron Norlan of Qeodhar. Queen Asteriela Torion escapes the ambush and is now the only ruler of Heldun. Eruul Zaar was nearing his 61st birthday at the time of his demise.
1016 AC The town of Helskir is invaded by an Heldannic army, and becomes the Heldannic Dominion of Helskir. The new dominion is controlled by Governor-General Anna von Hendricks. The remaining portion of Heldun remain under the control of Asteriela Torion


During his life, Zaar was known for his impetuous, even brash demeanour, and his fickle mood was almost legendary, as he was said to have more than once changed allegiance on a whim. He was also credited with an uncanny ability to foresee the events that would have revolutionised the world, or at least what was the world in the view of the average Helskirian.

Despite his reputation, Zaar's rashness was mostly a façade, which he put up to trick his opponents into believing him less able in planning his strategy than he actually was. It was also a behaviour that commanded much respect from a large chunk of the Helskirian people, including those originally from Ostland and Heldann, or influenced by the culture of those nations.

Allies & enemies

While his behaviour and mannerism might have increased Zaar's reputation among his subjects, they didn't help him in captivating potential allies. Actually, the only true ally he could count on was his wife Asteriela Torion.

On the other hand, Zaar had plenty of enemies. King Ericall of Norwold blamed him for the loss of Helskir, which had to be part of his kingdom, but he always had concerns more pressing that prevented him from trying to retake the city.

King Finn Hordson of Ostland was another enemy, as the Ostlanders were always interested in colonising the northern regions of the Isle of Dawn, and also because Zaar hosted many Ostlander exiles, enemies of that king.

During the last portion of his life, Baron Norlan of Qeodhar, and the Heldannic Knights became his worst enemies, though he never realised it, as Norlan, from whom he didn't expect an attack, had him killed before the Heldannic Order decided to invade Helskir.


Being of Alphatian ancestry, Eruul Zaar had the features and skin tone of a common Alphatian, with dark brown hair and amber eyes. He had a rather tall (6'4") and imposing (weighing a full 220 lbs. at peak condition) figure. During the last years of his life, he had put on some weight, and at the time of his death he neared 240 lbs. He never had the opportunity to use rejuvenating magic, so his appearance matched his actual age.

He used to wear long tunics, following the Alphatian fashion, but complementing them with trousers and cavalry boots, all in bright blues and golds. On the battlefield, he wore armour enamelled in the same colours, usually plate mail or armour.


AD&D2e: 18th level Fighter, Chaotic Neutral.

D&D: 27th level Fighter, Chaotic.

Str 16, Int 13, Wis 14, Dex 11, Con 13, Cha 17.

Weapon Proficiencies: longsword (sp.), battle axe, dagger, punching specialisation, light crossbow, pike, wrestling specialisation, medium lance, heavy lance.

Languages spoken: Alphatian (Hillvale dialect), Thyatian Common, and Ostlander.

Non-weapon Proficiencies: Riding (Horse), Intimidation, Military Tactics, Tracking, Survival (plains), Etiquette, Reading/Writing (Thyatian system, learned late in his life).