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Espa names (Spanish)

by Átila Pires dos Santos and Giampaolo Agosta with special thanks to Thorfinn Tait

Words marked with * aren't canon; Translations between # are the canon ones. Possible corrections are indicated with { }.

*La Sirena = The Mermaid, the Siren (a.k.a. Calitha Starbrow)
*El Mercader = The Merchant (a.k.a. Asterius)
El Embajador = The Ambassador (a.k.a. Masauwu)
El General = The General (a.k.a. Thor)
La Jueza = The Judge (a.k.a. Tarastia)
Milán = Milan (a.k.a. Mealiden Starwatcher)
El Sol = The Sun (Ixion)
Ixión = Ixion
Valérias = Valerias
Faña = Vanya
La Inquisitora = The Inquisitor (a.k.a. Vanya)
Nuestra Señora de la Vittoria = Our Lady of the Victory (a.k.a. Vanya)


BARONÍA DE NARVAEZ = Barony of Narvaez

Puerto Morillos = Port of the rural houses
Ciudad Quimeras = Chimeras Town
Alma Vegas = "Alma" means Soul; "Vega" means fertile land
Los Peregrinos = The pilgrims
Paz del Sol = Peace of the Sun
Punto Escobar = Escobar point (Escobar is an Spanish last name that could be translated as "to sweep")
Puente Guadiana = Bridge over Guadiana (River)
Castillo Blanco = White Castle
Castillo de los Hidalgos = Castle of the gentlemen

Montoya = Popular Spanish last name with Basque origin; Alternatively it could be translated as "Mont" or "Small Mount" and have the same origin of "Montejo"

Marino = Marine, of the Sea

Rio Guadiana = Guadiana River (Guadiana means "Rio Ana" (Ana River) in Ylari/Arabic (Guad (River) + Ana)); Could also derive from "Los Guardianos", thus meaning "River of the Guardians"
Colinas Grutescas = Grotesque Hills
Guadalimas = Probably means Rio Lima (Lime River)


BARONÍA DE TORREÓN = Barony of Torreón (Turret)

Ciudad Morales = Morales Town (Morales being a Spanish last name, meaning simply the plural form of "Moral")
Ciudadela de León = Lion's Citadel
El Lugar = The Place
Puebla de Alcázar = Alcázar Village (Alcázar meaning Fortification, from the Ylari/Arabic word "Al-Qsar")
Pueblo Real = Royal Village
Chiquitin = Very little
Villa Vieja = Old village
Las Chambas = The Works
Las Guajacas = Apparently a corruption of the word "Oaxaca", which is itself another corruption of the Nahuatl "Huaxyácac", place of Lead trees
Castillo Grande = Big Castle
Fortaleza = Fortress
Torres Calientes {Cálidas} = Hot Towers
Bastion de los Cabaleros = Bastion of the Knights
Casanegra = Black House
Torre del Duende = Tower of the Elf or Tower of the Goblin (Duende is an generic Portuguese/Spanish name for demi-human/goblinoid/fey creatures)

Torre Cristobal = Cristobal (Christofer) Tower

Los Elegidos = The Chosen Ones

Rio Frio = Cold River
Rio Fangoso = Muddy River
Rio Torrientes = Torrents River
Rio Tuntos = Tuntos River
La Pineda = Pine Woods
Las Ciénagas = The Fens
Las Rocallas = The Small Rocks
Llanos Verdes = Green Plains
La Escarpadura Grande = #The Great Escarpment#


BARONÍA DE GARGOÑA = Barony of Gargoña

Ciudad Real = Royal Town
Las Navas = The Marshes
Castillo de Pardalupe = Pardalupe Castle (Pardo means Brown; Lupe could either means Hidden (from Ylari/Arabic) or Wolf (from "Lupus" Thyatian/Latim; Thus, it probably means "Brown Wolf" or "Brown Lupin")

Rivera = Shore

Isla del Cayo = Reef Island, Key
Delta de Pozaverde = Delta of Green Puddle
Bosque de los Ojos = #Forest of the Eyes#


BARONÍA DE ALMARRÓN = Barony of Almarrón (that possibly derivates from "Al-Marwa", the Ylari/Arabic name of a fragrant plant)

Ciudad Tejillas = Tejillas Town (Tejilla can be a diminutive form of "Teja", Tile; Also can be another way for referring to currency; Non-canon: The true origin of the name is that it was built over the site of the ancient Otzil (Oltec) city of Tehil)
Costella = Rib
Paso Dorado = Golden Passage
Castillo de Tordegena = Castle of Tordegena (that possibly means "Tower of Gena")

El Grande Carrascal = The Great Carrascal (place with a great number of Carrascas (Holm Oak))
Buenos Vientes {Vientos} = Good winds
Sierra Desperada = Outlaw Hills
Nueva Esperanza = #New Rope#

Escudor = Related to Escudo (that means Shield)

Sotto = From Soto, which is the woods along rivers

Sierra Borgosa = Leafy Hills
Sierra del Plata = Silver Hills
La Pampa Calavera = Skull's Grasslands


BARONÍA DE SARAGÓN = Barony of Saragón (possibly S + Aragón)

Ciudad Matacán = Matacán Town (Matacán means "Dog Killer")
Las Manadas = The herds
Paso del Rey = King's Passage
Torre de Manzanas = Tower of Apples
Torre de Tolón = Tower of Tolón (from Nahuatl Tolon(Tula), meaning "place of cattails")

-Montejo = Possibly means "Mont" or "Small Mount"

-Aranjuez = One possible origin is the Ylari/Arabic name "Ibn Arankej" (place with a great number of nogales (walnuts))

Morrión (Battle of) = Helmet upper part, old Spanish helmet with prominent upper part
Cortesillas (Battle of, Treaty of) = Little Court
Rio Maldito = Cursed River
Rio Copos = Cups River
Bosque de las Sombras = Shadows Woods, #Forest of the Phantoms#


BARONÍA DE GUADALANTE - Barony of Guadalante (that could be "Guad al-Ante", Rio Ante (Ante River))

Ciudad Huelca = Huelca Town (Huelca (a.k.a. Merluza) means Hake fish)
Dos Cabezas Hacienda = Two Heads Ranch

Copetez = From Copete (Tuft)

Bigotillos = Little Moustaches

La Pampa Rica = The Rich Grassland
Rio Negro = Black River


PRINCIPADO DE BELCADIZ - Principality of Belcadiz (possibly from Taymoran/Phoenician "Baal Gadir", meaning "Lord of the walled city"))

Nueva Álvar = #New Alvar# (Alvar could have the same origin of Álvaro, the gothic name Alewar (guard of all))
Alhambra = Red Castle (Ylari/Arabic)
Monteleone = Mount Lion (Thyatian/Italian; Actually it should be Monteleón in Belcadizan/Spanish)
Salotas = Unknown meaning

*GRAN CONDADO DE NUEVA ISPAÑOLA - Grand County of Nueva Ispañola (New Ispañola)

*Ciudad Florida = Flowered Town
*Puerto Margarita = Daisy Port
*Puerto Segundo = Second Port
*Fortaleza Vittoria = #Fortress of Victory#
*Torre de Gregório = Gregory's Tower

*Colinas Negras = #Black Hills#


*BARONÍA DE SANDOVAL = Barony of Sandoval (means "San do Val", or Saint of the Valley)

*El Puerto del Lobo = Port of the Wolf
*La Roca = The Rock


*REDUCCIÓN DE NOMBRE DE IXIÓN = Mission of Nombre de Ixión (Ixion's Name)