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Elemental summoning-related spells

by Robin

Glantrian Tabloid of Recent Discoveries.
15 Sviftmont 1019 AC
Great News with an disturbing touch.
The mages of the Great School of Magic have made a recent discovery. Their research was stemmed on the discoveries by several adventurers of Elementals working deep in the crust of the Planet. Not only did they discover (what was already suggested by several Mages and Druids) that Elementals are as intelligent as humans, but they are capable of using their own kind of magic. It seems up to this date that they have clerical and magical magic as on the Prime Plane, but based on their own Immortals and Elemental Bias.
see Rules Cyclopedia page 176, TSR 9303 HWA1 Nightwail, TSR 9310 HWA2 Nightrage, TSR 9311 HWA3 Nightstorm
The disturbing fact is that they have made discoveries themselves, and these spells we explain here for those interested. And they use these spells since several years.
The possible Dire consequences can easily be understood. Especially the Protection from Conjuration , will have its effect upon mages conjuring elementals.

Conjure/Summon Prime Planar Created almost simultaneously on the Earth and Fire Elemental Plane, spread to the Air and Water Elemental Planes within a year; 993 AC.
Basic 5th level Elemental Conjuration spell
Range: 240’
Duration; Concentration
Effect: Summons one 9 HD/level Human or lower
Saving Throw: None
Casting time; If Conjure 5................If Summon up to 10
This spell is an Elemental version of the Conjure Elemental Spell and functions in the same manner, but can be cast only by Elementals on their own Plane, or on the Prime Plane. Painful and chaotic like the Conjure Elemental Spell this spell will tear the soul and life essence of the random subject of this spell literally from its body, but the body itself sustains no damage.
On the Elemental Plane a new body is created from the liquid, solid and gas forms of element of that plane (see table). The body will be a copy of its original but in elemental form. This spell will be further exactly equal to the Conjure Elemental spell. The subject will get normal movement, breathing, immunity to harmful effects of that Plane, ability of drinking and feeding of that Plane, in addition to its natural abilities. (See table components). Fly is as per Fly spell, Dig is 60’/20’ burrowing, Jump is 60’ jumps per round, and Swim is 180’90’ swimming. The subject will suffer no environmental damage from the Plane in any circumstance. When summoned, any sustained damages will remain, and have to be cured normally or by magic.
If the subject dies or is dispelled, this will cause the elemental substitute body to disintegrate and the soul to travel back to the Prime Plane trying to connect to its body, but the link is broken. Any healing magic within 1 day per constitution point of the subject will re-establish the link and revive the subject, otherwise the subject is dead. The subject will have no further damages when healed but is weak. In effect 4 constitution points are drained which restore in 6 hours per point (don’t forget to add other lower constitution effects like less hp /HD). The subject will remember anything from while under effect of the spell, but like a Conjure Elemental Spell he had obey to the best of its abilities, especially the control, and disintegration will cause the subject to be very discontent. Any abilities/immunities gained by the spell will then be lost.
This spell can be blocked by an active Protection from Evil spell.
The Summon Prime Planar works similar to the Summon Elemental spell and is lawful, but also changes the subject partially to enable it to survive on the Plane.
When either variant of the spell is cast on the Prime Plane by an Elemental, it will function as a Teleport with Elemental adaptation (causing the subject to be adjusted to the element of the caster by immunities, movement, as above). When the spell ends the subject will always return to he location prior to the spell, but he/she will not suffer damage/weakness from being dispelled. Any damage received on the Prime Plane will remain and can be cured as normal.

1d100 Additional information; Chance to receive the following Prime Planar creature with Conjuring
1-85 Human of HD of caster (max 9) or lower
86-90 Random small animals as many as magic allows by HD caster
91-93 Random larege Animal of HD of Caster or Lower
94-95 Dwarf, Elf, Humanoid, Halfling or other humanoid of HD caster or lower
96-100 The conjuration is blocked by a Protection from Evil,spell, and is delayed by 5 initiative segments to locate another subject(roll again 1d100 on this table)

  Components of Elemental Planes
Type Air Earth Fire Water
Gaseous Air Gas or Dust Plasma Fog or Airy Water
Liquid Airy Liquid=Fog or Clouds Mud, Oil, Lava Liquified Fire or Lava Water or other Liquid
Solid Solid Clouds or Invisible Solids Earth, Soil, Stone Embers or Solidified Fire Ice or Snow
Energy Warmth Warmth Heat Warmth
Movement Fly Dig Jump Swim

Protection from Conjuring Created by the legendary Garronggk and his Immortal; The Earth Elemaster (2976 BC)
Basic Clerical 3rd level Elemental Evocation spell
Range: 0 touch or caster
Duration; 24 hours (1 revulsion)
Effect: Protects one Sentient Elemental and caster from being conjured
Saving Throw: None
Casting time; 2
This Spell creates a magical aura over the affected sentient touched elemental and the caster of this spell that blocks any ongoing or upcoming conjuration magic. The caster may make a single touch within the casting time or 3 initiative segments thereafter on any elemental (even one that is currently being sucked into the tiny conjuring vortex) and prevent it and itself from being called to the Prime Plane. Since this spell has only a casting time of 2, most conjurations may thus be blocked in time. The conjuration spell in it self does NOT falter, but seeks another unprotected Elemental elsewhere and is delayed by 5 initiative segments.

The differences between Conjuring and Summoning Elementals

Conjure Elemental
Basic 5th level Conjuration spell
Range: 240’
Duration; Concentration
Effect: Summons one 16 HD Elemental or lower by wand or staff
Saving Throw: None
Casting time; If Conjure 5 (sometimes longer—see table additional info).........If Summon up to 10
This spell allows the caster to conjure any one Elemental of one type known(AC-2, AV by sort, HD16, Damage 3d8).When a Magic-User casts this spell on the Prime Plane, the Magic opens a vortex on both Planes (both the called Material Plane and the Prime Plane) and creates a tiny wormhole connecting them. The wormhole is very small—less than an inch across—and it pulls a life force from the Elemental Plane through the vortex. The life force appears on the Prime Plane near the spell caster, and forms a new temporary body from material nearby. To form a new body, the Elemental life force can only use material its familiar with; a Water Elemental must have water, an Earth Elemental must have Earth, and so forth. When the Magic ends, the creature’s life force goes back to its Plane through the still existing(on the same spot) wormhole, and the wormhole and both vortices disappear. When seen from an Elemental Plane, the creature affected by the spell is slowly ripped painfully from its body and simply disappears. The material of its body suddenly dissipates and drifts, with no life force left to hold it together. When the life force returns to the Elemental Plane of Origin, it immediately forms a new body, and resumes its “normal“ life, however if it is slain, its soul will travel to Limbo and its body will become prey to local life.
Only one of each type of Elemental (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) can be summoned by the same caster in one day. The Elemental will perform any tasks within its power (carrying, attacking, etc.) as long as the caster maintains control by concentration. Communication is magically understood by both caster and the elemental. The caster can’t fight, cast other spells, or move more than half speed, or the control is lost. If the control is lost, it can’t be regained. An uncontrolled Elemental will try mostly to slay its Summoner (due to the horrific torment it went through), and may attack anyone in its path while pursuing him. A controlled Elemental may be returned to its home Plane simply by concentration (it returns and regenerates whole). An uncontrolled Elemental may also be sent back by the use of a Dispel Magic or Dispel Evil spell (it returns and mostly dies due lack of regeneration) This spell can’t be cast on any other Plane than the Prime.

1d100 Additional information; Chance to receive the following Prime Planar creature with Conjuring
1-85 Normal Elemental of HD of magic used (Spell/Staff, Wand) or lower
86-90 Fundamentals as many as the magic allowed by normal HD
91-93 Elemental animal of HD of magic used or Lower (example; Xorn, Weird, Salamanders, etc)
94-95 Other Sentient Elemental Creature of HD of magic used or lower
96-100 The conjuration is blocked by a Protection from Conjuration spell, and is delayed by 5 initiative segments to locate another subject(roll again 1d100 on this table)

Recent discovery; Summon Elemental 978 AC GSM Glantri
A Summon Elemental (druidic in origin and recently also available to Elementalists and a limited amount of magic users) actually makes a call first to a named or a random elemental where upon agreement a one-direction gate leading from the Elemental Plane to the Prime Plane will be opened to let the Elemental enter without harm. These elementals can't be dispelled by Dispel Magic or Dispel Evil. But the summoner can on a single command open a new one direction gate back home for the Elemental. The casting time is as with the normal Conjure Elemental Spell only 5 initiative segments, but the communication to call upon may take some time...making it up to double this.
This spell variant is used in a lawful way, and doesn’t require concentration. To use the spell in this way the caster must succeed an Intelligence check (penalized by 3 if not an Elementalist or related creature) or must sacrifice a pure and whole gem corresponding to the Element required. Use the following table.
Then he cast the spell and creates the vortex between the two Planes, but in this case no pull toward a nearby Elemental is created. Instead it creates a way to communicate with the Elemental on the other end, and with good reasons to ask for aid, it will willingly come through the vortex (possibly even bringing other help). This is especially when Elemental and caster have met earlier, and know each other. The penalty will be reduced by 1 if they now each others name, and by 2 if they have become allies or even friends. The caster just needs to call the name of the Elemental (without mistakes) and the vortex will come to existence nearby the Elemental named. The rest is up to the caster and the Elemental. The Elemental will come and go as he or she pleases and will become angered as normal if a Control spell is applied on it. This Elemental doesn’t have to be 16HD as with a Conjure Elemental spell, but can be of any Strength.
Remember that an Elemental splits itself of form time to time to reproduce, this is also the end of the original Elemental (its “Death”). The caster will never know if the Elemental he calls for is still alive or just refuses or is unable to respond.
Any positive reaction will bring the Elemental at the earliest opportunity toward the caster.
Any negative reaction could be no reaction at all to a frontal attack and all possibilities in between.
When the reaction will be neutral further talking will be needed, any alignment differences will result in a -10% per step (L-N=1, L-C=2, C-N=1, and Evil -N=1, Good-N=1, Evil-Good=2). This spell can be Conjured underwater, but still needs its basic amount of related Elemental material, therefore can Air Elementals be created only to the surface and Earth Elementals only on the bottom and must stay in contact with them. A Fire Elemental can only be summoned in an underwater volcano and losses 2HD per round as long as he remains underwater. A Water Elemental will give no problems of course. Similar problems will arise underground, high up in the Air, or in great fires or volcanoes, but of course other Elementals will be affected.
Summoning always only calls for Normal Elementals and enables to speak with them, and as such this spell can’t be used to acquire help from other Elemental Creatures.

Plane Gem Basic Alignment Reaction toward summon Request
      Positive Neutral Negative
Earth Corborundundum Lawful 1-50% 51-80% 81-00%
Water Emerald Neutral 1-40% 41-80% 81-00%
Fire Ruby Chaotic 1-30% 31-60% 61-00%
Air Diamond Neutral 1-45% 46-75% 76-00%