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Eternal Focus Special Moves

by tjedge1

Eternal Focus Special Moves. Ok this is all the moves I have at the moment. I was going to do some really weak focus moves, so I'll see what I can put together later today. Then I'll start filing in details on the Mystic styles. As you can see, some of the styles are going to be for other classes. I was considering Muay Drit (haven't decided on a real name yet) would be learnable by chaotic clerics, specifically those from Hule.

Name: Inferno Strike
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Improved Fireball
Manoeuvre Cost: 6 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: +4
Round Movement: None
Description: Instant bonfire! The Inferno Strike takes the basic Fireball and elevates it to a whole new level of destructiveness. Instead of sending a flaming projectile at an opponent, the master of Inferno Strike emits a meteor-size, flaming boulder that obliterates a large area and anyone in it.
System: The fighter must choose any line-of-sight space within range. Range is calculated as Wisdom + Focus like other Fireball manoeuvres. The Inferno Strike hits in the targeted space and explodes into all the 5' spaces adjacent to the targeted 5' space. Anyone in any of the spaces affected suffers damage using the modifier above. Anyone using a Jump or similar special manoeuvre that can dodge Fireballs can also attempt to dodge the Inferno Strike.

Name: Mind Control
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Psychic Vice, Mind Reading
Manoeuvre Cost: 7 Any Style
Usage Cost: 3 Chi
To Hit: -1
Damage Bonus: See Below
Round Movement: None
Description: After shattering an opponent's resolve, the Master of Hule can directly control his actions. His every command must be obeyed. No one but the Master has ever been seen wielding such power, but there are persistent rumours of a promising student who is every bit as dark as the Master and has apparently learned this secret as well.
System: This power can be used to exert control over any opponent. The victim must be within a number of feet equal to the attacker's Focus level + Wisdom. A contested roll of Intelligence versus Intelligence is made. If the attacker has a higher total than his opponent on the roll, he has taken control over his opponent's actions. The duration of the psychic control depends upon the number of points more higher he rolled than the victim. 1 to 2 Points - 10 rounds / 3 to 4 Points - 1 Hour / 5 to 8 Points - 1 Day / 9 to 12 Points - 1 Week / 13+ Points - 1 Month. It is rumoured that the Master has several servants who are permanently under his control in this fashion. This type of conditioning is possible, but it would take a considerable amount of time and repeated uses of the Mind Control power. Any individual with a Lawful alignment cannot be easily affected by this power and will get a bonus +5 to their roll. In addition, a victim of Mind Control can make a contested roll between his Wisdom (with a +5 bonus to his roll) and his controller's Intelligence in order to resist a command that goes against his own moral code or survival instinct (such as attacking friends or jumping off a cliff). If the victim is successful, then he resists the command, but is still under Mind Control.

Name: Weight
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Wall, Stone, Pit
Manoeuvre Cost: 5 Any Style
Usage Cost: 2 Chi
To Hit: -2
Damage Bonus: None
Round Movement: -1
Description: The very essence of the planet is at earth mystics' beck and call. This includes gravity! The mystic may force the planet itself to root the target to the ground for a short period of time. Affected fighters are surrounded by a bizarre effect similar to waves of heat from a hot highway. The opponent suddenly feels as if his weight has been doubled - then tripled.
System: This is a projectile attack and may be dodged as such. Otherwise the target will not be able to jump for the following round, and will suffer -2 To-Hit and -10' movement. This effect cannot be sustained but can be used successively. Each successive use will accumulate.

Name: One with the Universe
Prerequisites: Focus 5, Punch 4, Kick 4, Athletics 4, Block 4, Grab 3, Psychokinetic Channelling, Chi Kung Healing, Zen No Mind, must know at least 20 other special moves
Manoeuvre Cost: 10 Any Style
Usage Cost: 10 Chi
To Hit: See Below
Damage Bonus: See Below
Round Movement: See Below
Description: The character can enter moments where he can do almost anything he can imagine. He can feel the universe and for a short moment he is supreme.
System: No one known has ever learned this manoeuvre, but there is a persistent rumour that it does exist, somewhere, or that one with great Focus and determination can teach it to himself. The character, for a brief moment (one round, becomes extremely powerful, flowing with the universe. The character can, for one round only, perform any manoeuvre, one he knows or even one he has not learned or ones that are not associated with his style! This does not include Focus Manoeuvres. In addition, his action has a +2 to any rolls. The character adds his full Block level to his absorption for damage purposes in conjunction with whatever manoeuvre he chose (if he has chosen a block manoeuvre, he might add his absorption twice!) Finally, anyone using a manoeuvre or performing an action against the character is at -2 penalty on their rolls. The character cannot perform One With the Universe again for at least a week.