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Ethengar History

by Robin

I adjusted the Ethengar Timeline with adding the geological and spiritual activities to it.
I hope you like the Spirit/Geological activity attachments to the sociopolitical happenings.

Eruptive activity Sociopolitical activity Spirit/Limboitic activity
before 3000BC
Settlers from Blackmoor create the New Blackmoor Colonies. The dormant or assumed dead volcanic Mountain in the fields of Ethesh is proven to be rich in minerals and a mineral mining and plant and nearby city Grassdale are created. Transport is done manually, by horse first, and later by various metal cars, and vessels along the rivers, and also by the Radiance lines. The volcano resembles more a single huge hill than a mountain. the top is at 3500 Feet, while the graaslands are at an average of 1400 feet. Lake anur is at 800 feet. There are secret magical planar researches conducted on the mountain and on several locations in the land of Ethesh.
3000 BC
GRoF obliterates Blackmoor; the Planet shifts, Ash and Dust causes the land to be covered by ice and snow.. Ice recedes from the Steppes. Spirits are drawn in to merge with the world.
Moadreg Dwarves locate the city and mining ruins of Grassdale on the small mountain. They do not know it is a 'dead' inactive volcano. like the former Bkackmoorians the delve for Carbonatite and other Minerals. Their use of Radiance magic is great and soon affects most of the local sources of magig. There are even Interplanar disruptions due Dreamwalking and Shadowmancy each connecting to the nearby Sphere of Entropy and the Spirit Realm.
1800 BC
the Dwarves have left the Plains. Leaving behind their mostly still active technomantic sources.
2000 BC
Ethengars arrive on the fertile lands of the steppes.
1700 BC
Elves from Glantri trigger a cataclysm that has a profound effect on the land of the steppes. the land of the black sand and the broken lands are formed. World Mountain has reawakened in a massive eruption. The Ruins of the former Blackmoor city and mine/plant are devasted, this picture reveals these ruins as in 1000AC. Geomages assume the massive cataclysm which shaped the Broken Lands must have triggered a higher activity in the volcanoes of Brun. In the south massive landmasses are submerged, the Broken Lands are created, many volcanoes become active, amongst the World Mountain. The Plateaux of Ethengar is lifted and tilted more, causing Lake Anur to increase significantly over time and the shallow depressions in Ethengar to deepen. The southwest becomes the lowest while the northeastern becomes higher. Geysers in Vestland reveal volcanic activity; see here Unknown to the Locals the Spirit Realm (Limbo??) and the Sphere of Entropy have contacted the Prime Plane and several gates between the Prime Plane and these interplanar forces/planes have opened.
1691BC til 1660BC The Chaotic Blue Dragon named Tsenker Luu (Blue Dragon in Ethengerian=Mongolian) by the Ethengars ascended to Immortality. As Dragon 170 explains; When a small chaotic dragon becomes a large dragon, a violent storm hits the region, causing great fear and some damage.When a large chaotic dragon becomes huge, a devastating earthquake rocks the region, possibly causing volcanoes to surge from the earth and erupt. Upon the ascension to Immortality of a chaotic dragon, all of these signs occur. A wave of terror and destruction is inflicted upon the region as well by all the chaotic dragons that are now free from their magical bonds and eager to celebrate the event-or go to war against each other. World Mountain did erupt for about 30 years, and expanded greatly. The storms raged over the land and there was no Ethengar not afraid of Blue Dragons. Great combat and destruction caused the Ethengar's initial growth to slow down for a period of about 30 years. This time was known as the War of Succession. And then they had to rebuild. It may have been this period which instigated the ethengars to become a truly nomadic people, as what you take with you can't be burned or destroyed, and can more easily be repaired or exchanged, than common buildings. This Ascencion of the Dragon Tsenker Luu created the Hakomon location later known as Hooplak'hai south of Chagon'nah.
1485 BC-1450BC
Flows were recorded by foreign dignitaries between 1450 BC and 1410 BC and between 1413 AC and 1415 AC. Regular Carbonatite ash spreads, also by side vents. The Ethengars first notice the many spirits. Hakomons start investigating and succeeed in differentiating between lesser and greater animal spirits, nature spirits, evil spirits, undead spirits and spirit lords. Unknown Causes make Lake Anur dissapear (more on this later)
585 AC
Many Hakomon notice an increase in the amount of wandering Spirits, especially evil spirits. Ethengar Raiders attack the Flaemish in Glantri; the Kahn's horsemen are driven out.
A major eruption in Klarmont 917 AC deposited volcanic ash up to 148 miles away. carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain.
645 AC
A Great Kahn attempts a major invasion of Glantri but is defeated at Skullhorn Pass.Glantrian mages notice several ghostlike subjects accompanying the invasion, and wraithlike entities directly after the battle, yet these dissapear when the Glantrian magical forces proved too strong.
An eruption at the volcano of Skullhorn pass and on World Mountain took place for several months in 926 AC. On World mountain carbonatite ash spread widely on the North Side of World Mountain. On Skullhornpass a constant lava stream is created which did not stop until today.The lava slowly erupts, and returns to the domains below through holes in the bottom of the formed lava lake.
926 AC
A Spirit Lord besieges a Hakomon to subdue Toktai Kahn. Evil spirits seem to accompany him. Toktai Khan then besiegs the Heldann village Hayavik and is killed in the final battle. Hayavik is destroyed. the Horde withdraws to select a new leader. Another war of succession begins.
Irregular eruptions of carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, also by side vents.
Moglai unites the clans of the Murkit tribe.Toktai Kahn is now an evil spirit; a Hakomon by the name of Maglai says so.
An eruption between Felmont and Kaldmont 926 AC deposited ash 100 miles away. High amount of carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, also by side vents.
985 AC
The united Murkits defeat the warring clans of the Maghurs. All Maghurs males are put to the sword. The area is visited by undead spirits soon thereafter.
Several minor eruptions of glowing lava were observed in 985 AC.
986 AC
Several Hakomon of various tribes battle. Animal and Undead spirits join the fight. Moglai Kahn turns his attention to the Hajiks. he defeats them and wipes them from the face of the earth.Three Odic are noticed at the end of the battle.
Several Carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, also by side vents.
987-990 AC.
Three Hakomon agree together with several Nature spirits that unity is better than diversity. This concept is spread amongst the Ethengar tribes. Other clans unite into tribes for protection. The tribes turn to fighting each other.
Some intense and several minor carbonatite ash eruptions spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, mostly by by side vents.
991 AC
Moglai Kahn aids the Bortaks against the Kiyats. in return the Bortaks accept Moglai Khan as their rightful ruler. Surviving Kiyats swear allegiance to Moglai Kahn. Several Spirits ascend and descend World Mountain.
Severe amounts of carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, also by side vents.Several Geysers erupt from the region.Evil Spirits are noticed near the Natron Lakes.
Uighurs seek Moglai Khan's aid against settlers from the Heldann Freeholds. the Settlers are slaughtered. Hakomon know evil spirits were amongst both sides of the battle unknown by the combattants.
High amounts of carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, also by side vents.
996 AC
Taijits attack Yakkas but are defeated. Moglai agrees to aid the Taijits in return for them to become vassals. Fearing defeat, the Yakkas also join Moglai. The Hakomons succeed in contacting several Spirit lords, and spread their influence.
Minor eruptions of lava (!!) were observed in the early months of 996 AC. Carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, also by side vents.
14 Fyrmont 996 AC
The other tribes rapidly follow and Moglai declared Kahn of Kahns on 14 Fyrmont. The Keshak is formed.
All spirits seem to have come to a balanced status-quo. There is opposition, but the power shifts are minor from here on.
A major eruption occurred. Geomages Dawson and Clark secretly visited the crater a week later and reported seeing "a thick column of black ash" that rose for approximately 3000 ft above the volcano and drifted away northwards. When they climbed the cone-shaped vent, they reported seeing a continuous discharge of gas and whitish-grey ash and dust from the centre of the pit. High amount of carbonatite ash spread within the boundaries of World Mountain, also be most sidevents.
1006 AC summer
A meteor slams into the Silver Sierras in North Darokin/West Broken Lands/South Glantri.
New Volcanic activity in the world mountain caused daily earth tremors in Ethengar and even north of Rockhome from 12 Fyrmont 1006 AC until 18 Ambyrmont. Many evil spirits are sighted by Hakomon. Several adventurers on the borders of Ethengar are even attacked by various sprits.
The Great Kahn of Ethengar, whose people have suffered from savage raids by the Heldannic Knights and have been pushed eastward by the chocking black clouds from the meteor in the wat, invades the Heldann Territories. His forces march straight to the capital and lay siege to it in the morning of 5 Kaldmont.
5 Kaldmont 1006 AC at 8.30pm. The strongest tremor measured 6.0 on the Quake scale. Geomages suspected that the sudden increase of tremors was indicative of the movement of magma through the World Mountain. The volcano erupted on 4 Ambyrmont 1007 AC, sending a plume of ash and steam at least 180 miles downwind and covering the north and west flanks up to 100 miles in fresh carbonatite flows.
1007 AC
Spring. In the Heldann Territories, the city of Freiburg is still under siege. the armies of the Golden Kahn continue to pour into Heldann Territories, and spill across the borders into Vestland and Ostland, looking for more places to sack. many spirits, including evil spirits are sighted and undead spirits combatted on the sites of battle before, during and after. Hakomons visit the Gates on World Mountain and notice an increased activity in the Spirit Realm.
The 1006 AC eruption continued intermittently into 1007 AC. At the end of Vatermont it was reported to be gathering strength, with a major outburst taking place on 5 Thaumont. Periods of inactivity were followed by eruptions on 8 and 17 Flaurmont. Eruptive activity continued until late Fyrmont 1008 AC. The Hakomon visit to the summit in Ambyrmont 1007 AC discovered that carbonatite emission had resumed from two vents in the floor of the new crater. Later Hakomon visits to the crater in Thaumont/ Flaurmont 1009 AC showed that this activity appeared to have ceased.
1007 AC
Winter 1007-1008AC In the Heldann Territories, the besieged city of Freiburg is ravaged by a sudden and swift-spreading plague. the Kahn immediately mobilizes all his forces and rtreats into thengar, but he's too late; once there, plague breaks out among his own troops and spread amongst his population. The amount of spirits seen, or assumed is greater then ever before according Hakomon. up to 20% of the population perishes of Heldann and even more in Ethengar.The Great Kahn and his armies are disgraced by the failure of the invasion of Heldann Territory and the Northern Reaches and by his inability to stop the counter invasions. a challenger to his rule would be welcome by many discontent warriors, but so far none has stepped forward.
In Kalmont 1007 AC, two separate carbonatite flows and a small lava lake were captured with a "Capture the Moment" scroll by our well known Glantrian mage Micky in an overflight(see here). This volcanic activity continues until fall 1009AC, coinciding with the week of no magic.
1012 AC
The Great Kahn attacked the Heldann Territorries hoping for a quick victory while the Heldannic forces were occupied with conquering Landfall and other matters. Months of besieging Grauenberg, skirmishing with Heldannic troops, and raiding Heldannic settlements resulted in very little gain for Moglai Kahn. Changing tactics, he proposed peace with the Heldanners; Ethengar and the Heldannic Territories are now uneasy allies.
The volcano resumed natrocarbonatite lava flow which started to fill the large crater from the 1007-1008 eruption. As of Felmont 1012 AC, There is a large active hornito on the western edge of the crater floor. During Klarmont 1012 AC, Ethengerians near the volcano reported several earthquakes. The new crater is near to inaccessible and Hakomon climbers have only occasionally glimpsed into it. The great gate to the Spirit Realm can no longer be accessed by the Hakomon. The amount of spirits in Ethengar has significantly dropped.