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Ethengar Buildings

by Robin

Although the gazetteer does not describe any buildings of Ethengar origin, they certainly displayed them in the Gazeteer on several location in the books. In real life Mongolians (on which the Ethengars were based by the Writers of the Gazetteer) did make some very interesting permanent structures, most of these can be found on the internet with ease.
Does Any of you have suggestion what the structures in the art of the Gazetteer are, where they are and their current use?

I found these in the book
Cover Gazetteer

Grey stone fortress with at least two stone walls(rectangular shape)with mongolian style structures (wood with tiled roofs) within, and a higher more important wooden structure of mongolian design with tiled roofs within the inner stone walls
Somewhat similar in RL to these: ; or

dm book page 41 spirit world subject

a female appearing from pool with a rim of large (16x30x20? inch) cut stones, within the typical structure of a yurt where others plays drums. this would imply, there are permanent pools (at least one) of this stone type located in Ethengar. as the subject implies this be connected to the spirit world what are these pools ; Gates? religious pools (aka temples?)
Somewhat similar to these pools

DM book page 45 campaigning in the Ethengar Khanates subject

a Hakomon (or mage) with a staff and dressed in Ethengar style garb, casts a lightning bolt in the sky over a horde nof Ethengar riders running away. The background displays Large eroded rocks and cliffs, but also a Mongolian Stile stone settlement with two domed roofs of stone and a garden? of simple (eroded) low stone walls, with a stone corner with some indentation/alcove within. Behind this structure an even larger structure or stone wall appears
Similar to this RL structure

Players book page 8

Two men of Ethengar descent and style speak...on the background is a wooden or stone frame with a door with a palm styled decoration, and a large metal ring in the middle at eye level. this might be a long stretch, however, the doorframe (just visible obove the man in lighter dress) suggests a permanent structure...a Yurt is foldable and never ever has such frames.
All the features can be recognized in this old mongolian temple door in some way

The ring would be used as a knocker

Player book page 30

Three ethengars are talking underneath the roof of a wooden, stone tiled (typical Chinese and Mongolian grey round tiles to improve rain flowing away) curving away to be background and encompassing a somewhat smaller wooden atructure heavily decorated with a stone or metal plated heavily decorated roof. This would suggest a section of a temple if reflecting real life Mongolian style buildings.
Similar to this RL structure.

As the Ethengar are suggested they are only nomadic travellers, this would imply all these structures would have an important significance otherwise they would not make these difficult permanent structures.
It does not imply these structures are much older than a few decades to a 200 or 300 years at best. (at least if reflecting real world architecture).
Can anybody of you help me with this?