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Ethengarian Centaurs

by Christopher Richard Davies

The conquest of Alfheim by the shadow elves is going to result in the displacement of a lot more than the elves. Even if, by some miracle, the shadow elves manage to keep the forest growing, most of the more benign fey creatures will no longer feel comfortable there. Among the most immediate departures will be the centaurs and their chevall cousins. Initially, at least, they'll probably fight alongside other exiles in defence of Darokin.

However, for a number of reasons, the centaurs are utterly revolted by Darokin's realpolitik decision to cede Canolbarth to the occupiers. (They haven't had as much contact with humans as the elves, and so aren't accustomed to treachery.) Their leaders promptly defect from the Darokin alliance and start looking for somewhere else to go ... and the Ethengarian steppes start looking awfully good. Likely, their assimilation of Ethengarian culture will be slow and gradual.

However, they'll be helped by the immigration of another group of exiles. The pegataurs of postdiluvian Floating Ar, having gotten fed up with excessive demands on their services, flee the Alphatian sea altogether, and, having heard about the centaurs of the steppes, put out feelers to find out if they'd be welcome. With the Heldannic Crusade ramping up, and nightmarish flying ships cruising over Ethengar with near-impunity, the Khans are unlikely to turn down such allies ...