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Thoughts about Ethengar Conquering the Known World

by Pol GinÚs

The logical order for Ethengarians to conquer the world:

1- Conquer Vestland: not very difficult, use diplomacy to keep neighbours neutral

2- Repeat with Soderfjord: not very difficult, diplomacy to keep other countries neutral

3- Ally with Ostland: offer them a marriage, friendship, whatever...

4- With the help of Ostland and many Vestlanders and Soderfjiordians ship captains and nobles that want to make the best of their new situation, invade Ylaruam, starting by the coastal cities. A join attack by a huge nordic fleet and a riding horde will do it.

Then use diplomacy and promises of a holy religious war against Glantri to make the other emirates subject vassals-allies. Give the coastal cities to faithful Nordic lords. A secret pact with Thyatis, so Thyatis can attack Tel Akbir at the same time, becoming a friendly country.

5- Repeat with Heldann Freeholds: Nordic ships and a huge horde, now with lots of Ylari horsemen, mainly makistanis. All clans that surrender will become respected vassals of the Khan.

6- Now... against Glantri or against Darokin? Attacking Darokin would become a World War: Alfheim would help Darokin and Thyatis would become afraid and would turn against Ethengar, probably trying to conquer Ylaruam by land. The join fleets of Darokin and Thyatis (and probably Ierendi) would endanger the Northern Reaches.

So, the logic option is attack Glantri in a holy war, with the help of thousands of enthusiast Dwarves and Ylaris. Perhaps the Caurenzian Thyatians would be inside traitors against Glantri if offered autonomy and power over half the country. They would pledge fidelity to Thyatian Inmortal patrons as a good-will sign.

7- Once Glantri has fallen and is pacified, diplomacy is necessary to weaken Darokin: for example, asking Selenica for the Ylaruam vassals and lords as a token of friendship.

8 - Soon or later there will be a war against the axis Darokin-Thyatis-Alfheim (with Karameikos, the Shires, Minrothad and Ierendi probably helping them). So the Khan has to ally with Alphatia, eternal enemy of Thyatis. And we have a global war again.