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Location: Central plains area, north and west of Rockhome, east of Glantri.

Area: 57,970 sq. mi. (150,142 sq. km.).

Population: 320,000 (population down from previous years due to war with Glantri in AC 1015). There is also an unknown number of goblinoids.

Languages: Ethengar.

Coinage: All referred to as tangs. Coins of platinum, gold, electrum, silver and copper come in 1x, 5x and 10x their normal value denominations.

Taxes: None; all property belongs to the khan. Each year, on Sviftmont 23 (the Day of Counting), all families' herds are returned to the main herd. On Flaurmont 15 (the Day of Blessings) the khan divides as he sees fit all herds and wealth among the families of the tribe.

Government Type: Nomadic tribes ruled by khans (chieftains). Until last year, they were loosely united under a great khan.

Industries: Cattle, horse-breeding.

Important Figures: Batu (Khan of the Bortaks, human, male, F11), Ghazan (Khan of the Taijits, human, male, F7), Huaji (Khan of the Kaeruts, human, male, F15), Hulagu (Khan of the Uighurs, human, male, F16), Jemugu (Khan of the Yakkas, human, male, F8), Kadan (Khan of the Kiyats, human, male, F15; rumoured to be possessed by an evil spirit, HD16), Manghai (Khan of the Murkits, human, male, F10), Temur (Khan of the Yugatais, human, male, T16).

Flora and Fauna: Grasses and small patches of short, wiry trees called tobai trees dominate the land. On the animal side, goats, yaks, deer, ibex, dogs, bears, boars, horses, lions, lynxes, panthers, lizards and spiders are commonly encountered. Dragons, wyverns, and griffons have also been spotted in the steppes. Finally, in the area known as the Land of Black Sand, various undead are said to be haunting the plains.

Further Reading: GAZ12 The Golden Khan of Ethengar, previous almanacs.

Description by unknown.

[The following correspondence found its way to the offices of the Mystaran Almanac, and is believed to have come from one of the tribal khans, or someone close to them. Ed.]

"Surely Cretia must be pleased, for the death of the Golden Khan has brought much chaos to the Sea of Grass. Already the wars of succession have begun as the Golden Khan's eldest son, Manghai, has laid claim to his father's title. He is still young and arrogant, but it is possible his years of service with the Keshak have hardened him. That he is married to the daughter of Kadan Khan is no small thing; the support of the Kiyat tribe will greatly boost his own warriors.

"Yet there is dissension amongst the Murkits: Ortu, cousin of the Golden Khan, has raised his own opposition to Manghai's claim. He is considered a bumbler by most, despite his blood claim, and several lesser warriors have taken a stand against both Manghai and Ortu.

"More severe is the resistance offered by Batu Khan of the Bortaks. Married to the Golden Khan's eldest daughter, he too claims a right to the rulership of the tribes. Batu Khan has chosen to bide his time while the Murkits struggle amongst themselves, and take on the victor in that battle. He is not idle, however; his brataks have been active in their attempts to ingratiate other tribal khans to his position. So far, he has not gained any definite supporters, mostly due to the lack of interest in the succession.

"The blood feud of the Taijits and Yakkas shows no signs of abating. Five Yakka argams crossed the Streel today. Their route was mostly westward; probably towards the Selinga grazing lands. Two Taijit clans are known to have made camp in that region. Their armaments and swift pace leave little doubt as to the argams' intentions. Ghazan Khan attempts to gain allies, for his mingam is still weak from fighting the Golden Khan two years ago. He will likely throw his loyalty to the successor of the Murkits.

"With the Golden Khan's death, Huaji Khan of the Kaeruts has reverted to old ways. Once more has he begun to look northwards towards the lands of Heldann for conquest and glory. Though his mingam suffered greatly during the war with Glantri, he nevertheless spurs his warriors on to raiding the northern hills. His brataks have been spotted in negotiations with those of Hulagu Khan. Like the Kaeruts, Huaji Khan and his Uighurs would like to attack the Heldanners. An alliance between these two tribes is considered the highest possibility.

"The Yugatais remain the least involved in, though perhaps the most observant to, events across the Sea of Grass. Emissaries of the tribal khans are a daily sight in Temur Khan's camp, but he has chosen a policy of neutrality for the time being. Of greater concern are Glantrian patrols into Yugatai territory, which have increased since the war. Yugatai horse warriors are on a constant state of patrol along the western border."