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Ethengar Khanates

Location: Central plains area, north and west of Rockhome, east of Glantri. OW

Area: 57,970 sq. mi. (150,140 sq. km.).

Population: 320,000 (population down from previous years due to war with Glantri in AC 1015 and subsequent infighting). There is also an unknown number of goblinoids.

Languages: Ethengar.

Coinage: All referred to as tangs. Coins of platinum, gold, electrum, silver and copper come in 1x, 5x and 10x their normal value denominations.

Taxes: None; all property belongs to the khan. Each year, on Sviftmont 23 (the Day of Counting), all families' herds are returned to the main herd. On Flaurmont 15 (the Day of Blessings) the khan divides as he sees fit all herds and wealth among the families of the tribe.

Government Type: Nomadic tribes ruled by khans (chieftains). Until AC 1015, they were loosely united under a great khan.

Industries: Cattle, horse-breeding.

Important Figures: Batu (Khan of the Bortaks), Ghazan (Khan of the Taijits), Huaji (Khan of the Kaeruts), Hulagu (Khan of the Uighurs), Jemugu (Khan of the Yakkas), Manghai (Khan of the Murkits), Temur (Khan of the Yugatais).

Flora and Fauna: Grasses and small patches of short, wiry trees called tobai trees dominate the land. On the animal side, goats, yaks, deer, ibex, dogs, bears, boars, horses, lions, lynxes, panthers, lizards and spiders are commonly encountered. Dragons, wyverns, and griffons have also been spotted in the steppes. Finally, in the area known as the Land of Black Sand, various undead are said to be haunting the plains.

Further Reading: GAZ12 The Golden Khan of Ethengar, previous almanacs.

Last Year's Events: The strife for ultimate power among the Ethengar tribes continued, with Manghai Khan (Jaku the Render) and his Murkits trying to subjugate weaker tribes like the Bortaks; a group of Bortaks led by Essen even betrayed Batu Khan and swore allegiance to Manghai. On Eirmont 15 Jaku the Render was exorcised out of Manghai's body, and the soul of the true khan restored, but the changeover did not go unnoticed and it may prove difficult to keep intact the merger of tribes the evil spirit had forcefully achieved.