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A possibility for Ethengar gaining its' air force

by John Hare

Event Date: 3rd Quarter 1014

Primary Nation: Ethengar

Other Nations Involved: Rockhome, Darokin, Thyatis, Glantri

Event Description: Calling the clans together the Golden Khan announces he is planning to build a flying force. Since this hasn't been done before he is open to suggestions on how best to accomplish this. The result is that each clan must research the three main possibilities, the Spiritual (ie shamans), the Arcane (ie hakomon & magic users) and the Natural (ie animal trainers & riders). Which ever clan provides the best example shall form the cadre of this new force. He gives them one year to prove their prowess.

What this means: The next year Ethengar will have many monster hunters, both for creatures to be tamed and as components for magical objects. Each clan becomes extremely protective, to protect their chance to form the nucleus of this new force and to protect against rivals trying to sabotage them. Which means it is a opportune time to be an adventurer in Ethengar, hired to spy, steal or protect the projects. Also flying magic becomes expensive as Ethengarian agents buy up anything they can.

Event Date: 3rd Quarter 1015

Primary Nation Involved: Ethengar, Xantha

Other Nations Involved: none

Event Description: Last year the Golden Khan announced that he wished to build a force that could deal with air attacks. This year the representatives of the 3 branches are demonstrating their results. The camp has many trained creatures including griffons, hippogriffs, pegasi, a couple of rocs and even a blue dragon. There are also several mechanical devices presented by Ethengar and Rockhome inventors. There is also a wide assortment of magical devices. Only the spiritual branch is quiet, until they are asked to display their abilities. Many different possibilities are demonstrate several are unworkable, such as griffons wanting to eat the horses or the brooms of flying. Others cost too much to implement on a large scale, such as the magically constructed flying horses or the amount of food the blue dragon consumes. One of the most impressive is the flying performance of several pegasus riders. This display impresses the Golden Khan that he decides his attacking force should most definitely include them. The shamans display seems primarily defensive as they summon spirits which have flying animal forms but refuse to fight unless in humanoid form. This plus their ability to control the weather makes them a supporting element. Several horses enchanted with permanent fly spells are also displayed. However the horses are unused to flying and the possibility of the Day of Dread or dispel magic spells leaves this to be less than desired. At the end the Golden Khan wants more pegasi to fill out his flying forces and assigns several shamans to assist in this matter. After two months the shamans return with an agreement from a new spirit lord, which claims to be the patron spirit of all pegasi. The exact details of this agreement are not yet fixed as the Golden Khan and the spirit lord argue about specific responsibilities and duties.

What this means: Ethengar is on its way to building up an air force. This gathering could also let players pick up air magic and mounts at good prices as those that weren't selected to be continued are getting rid of their stock. Also if the PC's are working for a particular branch might try and sabotage other displays or protect their own from sabotage.