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Ethengar Invasion

by Sean Meaney

Actually the instant you plied Miasma I thought of Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind. In particular the Sea of Corruption - a Terrible Fungal Forest that feeds off the corruption of the land to produce Miasma. This seems like an ideal nightmare elemental outbreak in the future of the Ethengar Khanates - somehow tied to the Glantrian Prince who is Master of Nightmares.

Some terrible thing that spreads across Ethengar...home to monstrous insects carrying the spores of the fungus outward into the uncorrupted world.



  Elder Large Immature Larval
AC -10 -6 -2 2
HD 40HD 20HD 10HD 5HD
MV 360(120) 270(90) 180(60) 90(30)

Trample + Spores

DA 20d6 10d6 5d6 1d6 Enraged (Damagex2)
# 1 1 1 1 (Parent OHMU close by)
SA F36 F20 F10 F5





6 + HD

Size 100' long 36' long 12' long 4' long

Description: These Armoured creatures move surprisingly fast on hundreds of Crablike legs. They are an ancient race (Telepathic) and very intelligent both individually and communaly. As Ohmu grow they shed their old shell and grow a larger one. When OHMU are enraged they are an unstopable fury. Ohmu have blue eyes to match their blood - but when enraged their eyes are red. Unfortunatly the Ohmu are contaminated with Spores from the Sea of Corruption. Any Ohmy d\ying outside the Sea of Corruption becomes a Seedbed for an Island of the miasma producing Fungal forest.