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Mystara cosmology and 3E - ethereal plane

by David Knott

Most of the information for the Mystaran Ethereal Plane was covered in the Material Plane message, but for completeness I will reiterate the relevant material:

Planar traits: Except as noted, the Mystaran Ethereal Plane matches that described in the 3E MotP.

Magic: The Ethereal plane has no native life or weather, so spells that summon native life or affect the weather do not work on this plane.

Movement: Matter on the Material Plane affects movement as follows:

Vacuum: Double normal speed
Air: Normal speed
Fire or water: 3/4 normal speed
Soil or wood: 1/2 normal speed
Rock: 1/4 normal speed
Metal: Blocks normal movement

Access to other planes: The Ethereal Plane confers access to the Material Plane, all four Elemental Planes, and the Astral Plane.