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Immortal candidates after "Fall of Glantri" -- Étienne

by David Knott

It is after the break-up of Glantri that Étienne's exact Immortal status becomes important, as it will dictate his subsequent actions:

1) Étienne is mortal and cannot regain Immortality: Given that this option also posits the least improvement to his character, he most likely withdraws and keeps New Averoigne out of the affairs of central Glantri.

2) Étienne is mortal but can regain his Immortality. In this case his quest (sponsored by his former enemy Ixion) is obvious -- destroy the "Radiance Dragons" who achieved a form of pseudo-Immortality by use of the corrupted Radiance. This option would leave Glantri ravaged and divided, but further devastation from these "Dragons" would be stopped.

3) Étienne is Immortal. In this case Étienne would appear to carry out a course similar to (1), but as the Immortal Rad he would encourage those of his followers who still live in central Glantri to flee. His anti- clerical attitude would mellow, as his goal would be to prevent the "Dragons" from spreading outside of central Glantri. Meanwhile, the refugees would spread his (slightly modified) philosophy outside of Glantri. Eventually, after he has secured his base of followers outside of Glantri, he would sponsor a champion who would carry out the quest described in (2) above.