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Ettore Ottaviano

by Giulio Caroletti

Born 11 August 974, Julinius, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatis.
Ettore Ottaviano, General of the XXth Cohort.
History: Ettore Ottaviano is a Kerendan member of the lesser aristocracy. However, he has never cared of his ancestry and has devoted himself to become the best at the two arts that are most valued in Thyatis: fighting and politics (someone outside Thyatis would say treachery). Ottaviano entered first the Tarastia's Justiciars at 14, but at 18 he entered the Diplomatic School of the Army. At 25, he became the youngest ambassador of Thyatis, sent to the Kingdom of Ierendi (999).
However, Ottaviano soon learned to dislike the peaceful islands, where his political skills where completely useless. Ottaviano tried first to gain information regarding Honor Island, but Gherynid, Plenipotentiary of the Island, constantly interfered with his efforts- both legal and not. Ottaviano resigned from his position in 1006, when he returned to Thyatis to re-enter the Army during the Wrath War. He was given the rank of Lieutenant in the XXth Cohort, located in Port Lucinius, and had to deal with the General, an inept and incompetent aristocrat, soon killed by a small group of his own soldiers, enraged by a bad loss suffered on the Isle of Dawn. Ottaviano, being the second-in-command, took the command and sentenced the guilty to death, then led the Cohort in several battles, until the Cohort suffered nearly total annihilation after the long siege of Redstone. However he was able to flee the conquered city and return to Port Lucinius, where he worked toward the re-forming of the XXth Cohort. After the Wrath of the Immortals War, Ettore Ottaviano's position as General was confirmed, and he is the most important general of north-eastern Thyatis.

Personality: Ottaviano is an excellent politician and officer, but he is also very ambitious, and overly scrupulous in his duties. He is hard and uncompromising when he works, and extremely hard upon his underlings.
His success in the army could seem strange, but it isn't if we consider the fact that he is also just, and has never committed abuses- last but not least, he is competent, and this meant much through the years of the War.

Appearance: Ottaviano is a handsome man in his early forties. He is of middle height (1m 72) and weight (66 kg), but is very powerful and well muscled. He has grey-black hair, and blue eyes. He has a black beard, and is very similar in face to Anthony Hopkins in "Elephant Man" 8-).

Stats: Human Cleric 17 [OD&D 26]
Str 13, Int 15, Wis 17, Dx 12, Con 16, Cha 14

Notes: Ettore Ottaviano appeared for the first time in GAZ4: Kingdom of Ierendi.