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I've been working on a new class to fit a particular niche that I've always wanted to experiment with. While this was mainly created for a PC to use, I find it very interesting for, say, Traladarans. The major influence behind the class is the old gypsy crone with the swollen red eyeball, or the charismatic leader with a terrifying glance. In other situations, the character might be a 'witch', but less magical than that name would usually indicate. It's a term that could work, however.
I'm posting it here rather than on the rules forums because I see it as a good class for Traladarans. That, and I'm new to this board, so dipping my toe in one forum at a time is less intimidating.
The class is based on Bard, but is modified fairly heavily. The skill list is cut down some, and the ally-boosting music is replaced by enemy-hampering fear effects. I don't know exactly how it will work out in play, as I haven't used it yet.

Feel free to steal this (or parts of it) for your own games, or comment on things you think are wrong/too powerful/not powerful enough. Thanks.

The Evil Eye

by Inu

The Evil Eye is a character who is blessed or cursed with a special power. The power is often connoted culturally with women, but the actual gender split is more even. For one reason or another, they are able to shake the hearts of stern warriors with just a glance. One eye is affected by this power. In some, the eye is swollen or otherwise obvious. In others, it merely flashes when the power is used, or occasionally in darkness. By channelling power, this evil eye can cause men to fear the user; can see in the darkness; or can even read minds.
They are typically feared by those around them, and delve deep into occult lore. They survive by wits, and the exceptional fortitude that their powers grant them (hence, high fort save and hit dice). No two are exactly the same, however. Some focus more on skills of physical dexterity, others learn how to work with animals or survive in the wilderness.

BAB: As cleric (3/4)
Saves: Good fort and will
Hit die: d8
Weapon proficiencies: simple weapons and light armour only.
Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Disguise (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (All, taken individually), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Use Magic Device (Cha)

Choose three: Forgery (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Ride (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Survival (Wis), Use Rope (Dex)

Level 1: Evil Eye, spells, occult lore, hex
Level 2: Sift thoughts, frightening eye
Level 4: low-light vision
Level 5: Sift memories
Level 7: suggestion
Level 8: Terrifying eye, sift soul
Level 9: darkvision
Level 10: dominate
Level 12: Freezing eye
Level 15: geas

Spells as per bard. Charisma used for bonus spells and save DC.

Occult lore:
As per bardic knowledge, but focussed more towards the occult end. DCs may be lower for occult topics (random facts about monsters, magic, items), but may be higher for more temporal topics (a ruler's personal habits, the local magistrate's hobbies).

Evil Eye:
This power may be used once per day per level of the Evil Eye class. The below powers may be chosen freely (as long as they have been unlocked) and each constitutes at least one use of the power. Most use Intimidate checks. When this power is used, there is some visible sign. Under the most common appearance, the eye flashes
The DC for all Evil Eye powers is 10 + 1/2 the Evil Eye's class level + the Evil Eye's Charisma bonus.
The power works best if the target can see the Eye. If the target is looking away, they gain a +2 bonus on their saving throw (this uses the rules for gaze attacks to adjudicate for purposes of avoiding looking at your target). If the target is looking towards the Eye, the roll is normal. If there is actual eye contact (not usually the case in combat), then the saving throw is taken with a -2 penalty.
All uses of this power are mind-affecting enchantments. They can affect animals and magical beasts as easily as humanoids, however.

Hex: as a swift action the Evil Eye can target a creature. Target makes a saving throw against standard DC. They take a -2 profane penalty on attack rolls, damage, saves and checks. The effect lasts until the end of the fight, or until the target strikes the Evil Eye. Even after the end of the fight, if the power has not otherwise ended, the target will continue to take the penalties whenever she encounters the Evil Eye. (This effect may not be dispelled, but may be dismissed by the Evil Eye or removed with remove curse.) If the Intimidate check is failed by 5 or more, however, the power of the Bane rebounds on the Evil Eye.

Sift thoughts: by fixing a target with the Eye and taking a full-round action, the character may attempt to sift through their thoughts. Make a Sense Motive check opposed by the target's Bluff. Success indicates that a single random fact or thought is plucked from the target's head. The best use of this power is to make the target think a particular thing first; this power truly is random, and may gather irrelevant data.
This power may be opposed by spells that obscure thoughts or alignment. These will add bonuses to the target's Bluff check. Beware using this against Arcane Tricksters or the like, as a very successful Bluff check can even substitute false information.

Sift memories: As above, except that if the check is passed by 5 or more, two random facts are gleaned. Alternately, the Evil Eye may gain some deeper insight into the target, such as a relevant facet of their background.

Sift soul: As above, except that if the check is passed by 10 or more, both of the above options can be chosen. At this level, the thoughts are detailed enough that the character may make a guess as to the target's alignment. It may be off by one step, however (GM's whim) - you never can be sure.

Frightening eye: Take a standard action to terrify an opponent, causing them to quake in fear. The target makes a will save against standard DC.
If the save is failed, the target is stunned (lose dex bonus to AC. The duration of this freeze depends on what happens. If the target is currently in combat, the duration is only one round. If out of combat, the effect lasts as long as the target looks into the Eye. The effect is broken immediately, however, if someone attempts to attack the target (but will last a minimum of one round).

Terrifying eye: Uses rules as above, except that the duration out of combat extends; it will last five rounds after the target can no longer see the Evil Eye. In addition, the target is nauseated for one round after the stun wears off.

Freezing eye: Uses the rules above, except that the target is paralysed instead of stunned. In combat, the paralysis lasts for one round, followed by two rounds of stun.

Suggestion: as per the spell. This can be used on any target that is under the effect of any use of frightening, terrifying or freezing eye.

Dominate: as per the spell. This can be used on any target that is under the effect of any use of frightening, terrifying or freezing eye.

Geas: as per the spell. This can be used on any target that is under the effect of any use of frightening, terrifying or freezing eye.

Low-light vision: the Eye gains this quality as per an elf (2x vision distance). If they already possess low-light visions, add one to the multiplier (so an elf will see three times as far in low-light conditions). This is active constantly, and does not count as a use of the Evil Eye power.

Darkvision: gain this special quality with a 30' range, or add 30' to existing darkvision.