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Possible Maps for Nithia's Towers of Evil

by Steven B. Wilson

The "Two Towers" of Nithia are seldom discussed by the natives. Few people know if they really exist or not, and those who do know rarely speak of them as doing so is rumoured to bring a curse down upon the speaker and his family. Most Nithians say that the Towers are merely tales to frighten naughty children.

In truth, their existence is all too real...

Both "Towers" are actually paralysed Burrowers, positioned by the Entropic Immortals as the Spell of Preservation took effect. There were also polymorphed by the Immortals to more closely resemble towers, but their twisted, organic forms betray their fell natures.

~ HWR2 "Kingdom of Nithia"

I was digging through WotC's Map of the Week archive and came across these maps released back in 2000 and 2001 that could be used as one of the two "towers". I'm sure they were at least inspired by the above description:

Great Petrified Worm Tower - "Exquisitely sculpted from the fossilised remains of an enormous worm, this madman's lair now holds untold treasures -- and treachery."

Tunnel Bridge - "The tunnel bridge is a creative use of the great arch of the Great Petrified Worm that spans the Catherine River. To the south is the sorcerer's tower and to the north of the tunnel bridge is the fortress tower. A toll is collected at the gate keep, and merchants' row provides food, supplies and secrets to the subterranean world of the Great Petrified Worm."

Subterranean Palace - "The subterranean palace is a beautiful space carved and polished from the petrified stone of the worm. A wide range of valuables are stored here as well as the sought-after healing pool."

Subterranean Prison - "The subterranean prison can contain up to 80 standing prisoners in the pits (10 prisoners to a cage). The iron cages with iron plate lids are lowered into a pit by way of levers and hoists. Other prisoners wait in the temporary cages for their turn in the pit."

Salt Mine Level 5 - "The salt mine at level 5 is an old level and is primarily used only for storage of large salt piles. It is a very dangerous level to tour because of the abandoned unstable crates of explosives store here that are now encrusted with salt."