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Humanoid evolutionary timeline

by Robin

There were first Beastmen; Normal Beastmen (Hominoides primus)
Which spawned from their chaotic genetic base;

The common Humanoids amongst which;
Cryion (Goblinoides frigidarius)
Goblinoid species include;
Goblin, Common Goblin (Goblinus goblinus), Yellow Goblin (Goblinus oriensis),Grey Goblin (Goblinus occidensis), White Goblin (Goblinus hyboreanus ),Choker (Goblinus cannibalus Strangulum)
Hobgoblin, Sand Hobgoblin (Goblinus fortis), Common Hobgoblin (Goblinus grandis), Koalinth (Goblinus Oceanus)
Bugbear Black Bugbear (Ursus bipedis Bugberianus), Grey/Common Bugbear (Ursus bipedis Vulgaris), White Bugbear (Ursus bipedis Hyboreanus)
And ...
Orcus Species include; Common Orc (Orcus Porcus), Polar Orc (Orcus hyboreanus),Copper Orc (Orcus Imperator Rex),Half-Orc (Orcus “Sexualis” Homus),Common Red Orc (Orcus rubeus Vulgaris),Hairy Red Orc (Orcus simius Terriblis),Common Yellow Orc (Orcus facies Ratis), Yellow Dog Orc (Orcus canis Oriensis), Green Orc - Orcs of the Sea / Kara-Kara (Orcus vertiblis Cannabilus) , Krugel Orc (Orcus Humanum Simplex), Neshezu (Orcus goblinius hominoids)
Ogres belong to the Homo Monstrum species; Northern Ogre (Homo monstrum Bellicosus), Mountain Ogre (Homo monstrum Brutalis), Common Ogre (Homo monstrum Grossus),N’djatwa -Elf/Ogre breed(Homo monstrum Sylphus)
Caninoid species Include;
Kobold; Mountain Kobold (Canis minor Militaris), Hill Kobold (Canis minor Rapidus), Wandering Kobold (Canis minor Numerus), u]
Magically created from Gnome/Troll and maybe some Goblin Gnoll; Common Gnoll (Canis erectus Hilaris), Desert Gnoll (Canis erectus Meridionum), Hyborean Gnoll (Canis erectus Septentrionum), Hill Gnoll (Canis erectus Volatilus), Gruugrakh Gnolls (Canis erectus Derelinquo)
As the creature is however caninoid, I would suggest it had also caniniod DNA in it, thus maybe not goblin or Gnome but Kobolds were used or added...else a complete recombination of DNA was needed and a caninoid to copy from

Not evolved from the Beastmen are the
Reptilian species include;
Carnifex (Troodon humanis), Deep Carnifex (Troodon humanis subterreanus),
Shazak Lizardmen (Troglodytes servilus Araneas)
Common (Mogreth) Lizardmen (Troglodytes servilus Carnifex)
Malpheggi Tribesmen (Troglodytes servilus Malpheigis)
Sis’thik-Desert Scourge (Troglodytes servilus Aridus)
Caymen – Caymas (Troglodytes Servilus Minor)
Gatormen- Gurrash (Troglodytes servilus Alligatoridae)
Krolli (Troglodytes servilus Aves)
Troglodytes (Troglodytes Troglodytes)
Shark-kin-Sahaugin (Troglodytes Charcharodon Sentium )
Chameleonmen-Wallara (Hominoides Draconis Naturalis)
Yuan-ti Yuan-ti Pureblood (Serpentes servilus Carnivex-Humanus), Yuan-ti Halfbreeds (Serpentes Servilus Carnifex), Yuan-ti Abominations (Serpentes servilus Carnivex-Chaosar), Yuan-ti, Histachii (Homo corruptus Serpentae)
Land Tortle (Testudo erectus Mysticus)
Sea Snapper Tortle (Helonia erectus Territorialis)

And the...
Trolls belong to the Monstrum Breed; Forest/Root Troll (Monstrum imbecillus Rex), Earth Troll (Monstrum imbecillus Terreanus),Desert Troll (Monstrum imbecillus Furens), Grey/ Rock Troll (Monstrum erroneus Hyboreanus),Common/ Swamp Troll (Monstrum carnivorus Maximus), Scrag-River/Lake Troll (Monstrum carnivorus Aquaticus), Salt Water Troll- Ocean Scrag Troll (Monstrum carnivorus Oceanus), Lesser Troll or magical created variaties of troll Races; Ice Troll (Monstrum erroneus Frigidus), Giant Troll (Monstrum erroneus Giganticus),Gargantuan Troll (Monstrum erroneus Gargantua), Two-headed Troll (Monstrum imbecillus Biclopus), Troll Wraith (Monstrum immateria Mortis), Spirit Troll (Monstrum spiritus Mortis),Legacy Troll (Monstrum Cinnabryllus), Thoul (hobgoblin/troll/ghoul mix)(Monstrum goblinus Mortidium)
And the...
Goatmen species include; Goatlings (Bovioides Aegarus), Ovinaurs (Bovioides Primus), Caprines (Bovioides capraeaus)
Minotaur species include; Winged Minotaur –Eshu (Taurus hominoides aviensis), Common Minotaur (Taurus hominoides Carnivorum),Northern Minotaur Taurus hominoides Hyboreanus), War Minotaur Cathodian/Vacrodian (Taurus hominoides Oriensis), Barghda/Horrid Minotaur (Taurus conformatus Infectium)
and the...
Then there are Hutaakan (Canis erectus Primus), Rakasta Races (Felioidea rakastus species), Lupin Species(Canis erectus species), Pachydermion (Pachydermion species)

Other racial timescales for Mystara include