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by Geoff Gander

Level: 1
Range: 10' + 10'/level
Duration: 4 rounds/level
Effect: Inspires everyone within range.
This spell allows the cleric to exhort all listeners within range to be faithful to their Immortal, and to fight courageously in battle. Although listeners may resist the effects by successfully saving vs. Spells, NPCs who are affected have their morale increased by two points, up to a maximum of 12, for the duration of the spell. Additionally, all recipients, while under the spell's effect, are given a +4 bonus to all saving throws against charm-based attacks. This spell is useful in encouraging peasant levies, hirelings, and the like to show more courage in battle, and its ability to confer bonuses against charm-based attacks will have definite appeal for low-level adventuring parties. If this spell is already in effect, a second exhort spell will only nullify the effects of the first one.