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The Explorer

by Shesheyan

Explorers are orientation experts, very adept at surviving in the wilderness as they search for long lost ruins and artefacts. They are versed in traps and and lock designs. Some of them are tomb raiders while other seek to learn more about past civilizations and record their findings in travel journals.

Requirements: None
Prime requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum level: 14
Armour: Leather, no shields Weapons: Any
Languages: Alignment, Common

They cannot wear armour heavier than leather and cannot use shields. They can use any weapon.

Flanking Expert
When flanking an opponent the Explorer receives a +1 bonus to hit and doubles damage dealt. Roll twice + bonus.

Room Traps
They detect room traps on a 2 in 6 chance.

Read Languages
An Explorer of 4th level or higher can read non-magical text in any language (including dead languages and basic codes) with 80% probability. If the roll does not succeed, the explorer may not try to read that particular text again until they reach a higher level of experience.

Thief Skills
• Climb sheer surfaces
• Find and remove treasure traps
• Hear noise
• Open locks. Requires thieves’ tools.

Explorer Skills
• Orientation : Explorers never get lost in clear terrain. They only get lost on a 5+ (d6) in other over land terrain.
• Tracking : Level 1 at 50%. Plus 2% for each DEX bonus. (+2, +4 or +6).
• Hunting and Foraging : Explorers have 4 in 6 chances of finding enough food for 1d4+2 person. It takes half a day.

XP Progression, Saving Thows, Attack Matrix
• Same as thieves